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Vlogging About Plus Size Lingerie, Being Healthy, & My Life!

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What Can Bra Queen Do For You
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What Can Bra Queen Do For You


Meet Australia’s Number 1 Bra Critic, Writer/Author, and Lingerie Consultant. Bringing you ALL you need to know and look for in a bra. It is what lays beneath that sets the foundation, if you get that right the rest will just fall into place. Feeling great everyday starts with just one sexy set, whether you are a B Cup or a G Cup. Think of me as your where to guide. Giving you what’s HOT and what’s NOT!

The leading Business Coach leading Lingerie Stores into a new found success. Conductor of the 2009 Bra Survey, I have the secret to what women want!

I am a gigantic advocate to “Living Life and Loving Life Everyday” I am dedicated to living life honestly and passionately with an abundance of love and laughter and I will help you do the same.

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