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24 August 14

The Lingerie Post Of The People!

I thought it would be fun and interesting to hear from you, so this post will take place in the comments. Share with us….


Where you shop for your lingerie?

What you love about the shop/ online store?

What you would like to see in stores?

Any improvements?

Do you like to fitted, does it matter to you?


bridesmaid dresses online store shop


Over to you!

Speak Your Mind

Tell us what you're thinking...
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  • ABG

    I’d like a lingerie shop that could 3-d print the bra of my choice in the fit that I require (instead of pretty bras on show that don’t fit me)

    • braqueen

      That is a really interesting idea! You wouldn’t get that instant purchase, would that bother you? That could be done!

      • ABG

        I can’t currently get even an “moderately acceptable” fitting bra in a shop, immediately – waiting for a printed one that did fit and supported me properly would be no different to buying one online that I *hope* will fit/be comfortable 🙂

        • braqueen

          Do you need any help with fit and shape? Happy to help x

          • ABG

            if you were nearby I’d come and see you, but i’m in NZ 🙂

          • braqueen

            I can’t find any speciality lingerie stores in the NZ ABG? Download my free bra fitting app and that will help you with fit, size and shape. Then we can go from there xxx

          • ABG

            will do 🙂

      • ABG

        When I order things online I am patient, so waiting for a custom made item would be well worth a wait 🙂

        • For sure! I just had some made from Louise Ferdinand and they are amazing!

  • jellypop

    I unfortunately often purchase on line and upon reading review after review, try to choose a correct size and style. More often than not, I get this wrong.

    Being correctly fitted at a boutique lingerie store, with fitting specialists would be my ideal ‘every time’. They normally get it right (choosing size and style after a quick 2 minute consult) straight away.

    I say every time as I’ve found that my size is constantly changing!!

    My only wish is for there to be one closer to me! I don’t like specialist boutiques saying I can get that in your size when the style may be wrong for you, once it comes in. You need a variety of styles and shapes to choose from.

    Love the 3d printing idea … choose the style and then print the design onto the preferred size & style!

    • braqueen

      Yes, I really like that idea as well!

      Agree, location is an issue. You shouldn’t have to drive a long distance to buy a bra and I would really like to see a variety of price points. To do a big restock you need $500 and that’s crazy!

  • Kat Heart

    I tend to buy from Bras n Things because it’s simple, I tend to steer clear of online stores as the girls are just weird and hard to fit 😉

    • braqueen

      The thing about Bras n things is that they are easily accessible which is awesome and if you “fit” within the size range you can find something but once you are outside that bra size range….see you later. I would love to see them expand into more….

  • Susie Sawaya

    Well.. it’s interesting you ask! I often do buy from Bras n Things, however the other day I walked into Fosseys I think it is, for the very first time ever, and found all these great lingerie pieces at amazing prices. They had gorgeous patterns and colours and the prices were ridiculously inexpensive. I realised quickly though that because I’m a smaller cup, it was easier to purchase, whereas my mum wasn’t able to purchase because she’s significantly gifted in the boob area. That was the very first time I had gone into that store (I think it was Fosseys)…

    • braqueen

      Well that is an ice find Susie! How was the service?

  • Noelle

    Heya, I’ve found that being fitted is the only way for me to find the right fit. I do have to make sure I’ve found a place that has the bigger sizes and at least a couple of different styles. It would be nice if there was one massive store somewhere that all women could go to to be fitted properly and get as many styles and colours as she likes – like a ToysRUs but maybe BrasRUs instead!!! That had anything and everything that concerns lingerie and fittings and beautiful fitted out changing rooms and just wonderful customer service and maybe even a place to talk to a designer to share ideas to have things made as one offs too!!! Oh, I’m all excited here now – when are you building this place for me??? 😀 xoxox <3

    • braqueen

      Yes, that would be AMAZING! A bra’r’us I like it 🙂 There would have be one in every town!

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