25 May 11

Your Bra Size + Your Bra Shape = The PERFECT bra for you.

You know five years ago when BRA QUEEN was born and this blog started it was to do ONE thing. Give women honest unbiased bra reviews and arm you with all of the information you need when you get fitted for a bra. You see it’s not always about the bra fit because your bra shape is just as important.

Your Bra Size + Your Bra Shape = The PERFECT bra for you.

You will hear all sorts of different information from the internet, lingerie boutiques and departments stores. Lingerie blogs will say different things because we are all different just like anything in life. Five years later we still believe in what we are doing and saying. We will continue to speak our truth and offer you Australia’s #1 Lingerie Blog.


As Bra Queen I am a Professional Bra Fitter and I have fit 1000’s of women, being Australia’s #1 only Trusted Bra Critic supporting my work is numerous global brands, working with lingerie designers to ensure optimum fit, comfort and support. The bra reviews are fitted on numerous women before a bra critique is published. All information is thoroughly researched and has been sourced from numerous avenues. Tried and tested on thousands of women not from just one boutique but hundreds. At Bra Queen we are lucky enough to have the worlds best lingerie stores, bra fitters and experienced industry experts at our finger tips. To ensure YOU get the best bra information there is available online.


You can not use a tape measure?

Here’s the thing, you will here all Bra Fitters who have a bricks and mortar store say this.

Truth- Yes if you have access to a Professional Bra Fitter then I would always recommend you get fitted by them because this will ensure you get the perfect bra fit.

However there are 2 responses I have for this-

  1. Truth be told even some “Professional Fitters” don’t always hit the mark. Anyone who has been professionally fitted has experienced this and I have heard it and seen it numerous times.
  2. Not every woman has access to a Professional Fitter so in this case it is where I would recommend a tape measure. Used correctly you can get a your approximate bra size. I have researched this continuously for 5 years and yes most bra calculators and measurement techniques are way off however this one is pretty accurate.

Question: Ask yourself this- is it better to wear a bra that is unsupportive, has no lift and is uncomfortable or is it better to give you all the information you need to have so YOU know exactly what a good fitting bra looks like? You have a starting point that is closer to your perfect bra size or it may just be your perfect bra size? Either way it’s going to be better for you then an ill fitting bra right?

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