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10 February 12

You, Me & The Global Economic Downturn

So how is the global economic crisis working for you?

Have you ever wondered why some businesses do extremely well while others are closing up shop and others are sitting on the fence?

How high are you setting the bar?

Truth is business can be bloody hard, it’s what we live for it’s what we breathe. It’s the first thing we think about on the morning and the last thing we think about at night and if that’s not enough we wake up in of the middle of the night and we think about it. No one around us understands our goals and wonder why we other doing what we do and let’s face it we wonder ourselves sometimes.

We doubt ourselves and get shitty when another business is in the news and not you, you beat yourself up because why do you never follow through, why didn’t they think of you? Then you hear all of these terrible things on the news and in the paper about how Retail was down and the impact it’s going to have on your business. Pretty soon you’ve got your head buried so deep in the daily paper you can’t breathe because you’re business is going down.

Get Your Head OUT Of The Papers and Into Your Customers Hearts

There is a reason they pick your competitor and not you, the question is what can you start doing in your business that no one else is doing?

I know Retail and I know Product based businesses, it is what I thrive on and it’s what I am good at….

So come close and listen up and repeat after me!

I don’t give a flying fuck what anyone else is doing, I am what I am and I will all I can be.

  • Add value to your customers, what can you do today that will blow them out of the water with excitement?
  • Have gratitude for everything in your life
  • Know that whatever you achieve tomorrow will not make you any happier then what you are today.
  • Do not make permanent decisions on temporary emotions
  • If a thought is only a thought and a thought can be changed then best you create awesome thoughts and make awesome things happen.
  • Know what you are doing and why
  • Rethink your direction for this year and ensure you’re thinking outside the square. Get that marketing plan pumping!

Businesses can thrive in economic downturn because their mindset is super strong, they have laser like focus and they have a rock solid business model. They do things differently so they stand out from the crowd. Always think about the journey you want your customers take and experience.

For example one of my superstars had a tough day this week and she said to me “I can honestly tell you it was having you behind me that made me fight through."

And THAT is my goal for every single one of my clients, it’s magic because when you work with someone….anyone you can combine forces and make incredible things happen. Like this particular client is tracking to click over $2 million this year, she was going to settle for 100K but once you really uncover those golden nuggets there lies the true fortune. You can make 100K on wage you what more in a business! When you both put in 150% anything can happen, if each person puts in 80% then stuff still happens but you’re not operating on the same level.

Question is how can you get to that level of thinking? So glad you asked! I’ll tell you really really soon!



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