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17 March 10

YAY! It’s here, Secret Bra Business Seminar

Learn to Keep Abreast Of Success

Lingerie Business Owners and Managers
Wanting to Push Up Profits Exponentially:

Slip Into the Secret Bra Business Seminar and Learn the Industry Insider's Stunning Secrets of
Lingerie Marketing and Selling Designed to
Make Your Bottom Line Look Fantastic

Dear Ambitious Lingerie Entrepreneur Looking to Take the Strap to the Big End of Town,

Selling lingerie is a sexy business right?

On the exterior, the industry is glamorous, profitable and fashionable with seemingly insatiable demand.

The outsider conjures up images of photo shoots, creative designers, fashion parades and international super models.

As another famous bod brings out her own line of lingerie - the public thinks... another license granted to print money for all concerned.

In reality, the lingerie market is a cut throat industry slowly being devoured by department store giants and big chains - the big end of town who can afford to throw their marketing might and cut prices to shun out the little people.

Low margins, yo-yoing demand, cash flow bottlenecks, costly marketing strategies and stagnant stock turnover can all come together to create a Pandora's Box filled with an avalanche of undesirable profit-suffocating underwear.

Oooh - I didn't mean to get soooo negative on you!

But it's the harsh reality of this industry.

Beneath the glamour is fierce competition and constant change.

The good news is, if you get your marketing and sales functions spot on and adapt quickly to new trends and changes, you can carve out a lucrative, profitable and glamorous niche in the lingerie industry.

Yes, you CAN so definitely bring the sexy back!

I guarantee it!

And I'll be there right next to you all the way.

Totally dedicated to Help, Motivate and Inspire you to create and enjoy the impending success of your lingerie business.

And more importantly to remind you to love life and all the wonderful designs, lacy & racy bits and glamorous padding that comes with it!

Sorry - I've been rude in not introducing myself to you...

I'm ReneƩ Mayne, widely recognized as Australia's #1 Lingerie Business Coach and Most Trusted Bra Critic

I've been dubbed The Bra Queen.

Many of you might be familiar with my writing and endless good advice @ where I talk all about lingerie, lifestyle and living awesome.

Within the industry, I'm also renowned for quickly helping to transform businesses from average to awesome and from successful to 'out of this world'.

As a business coach, I stand for honesty, creative thinking and I have a great knack for branding the 'awe' in the awesomeness that will be your business.

With 14 years of Business Management under my belt and 4 years in the lingerie industry (and these were 4 full, voluptuous years - I've been known to do up to 500 fits a week!).

As a creator of a super successful lingerie business, founder of the 2009 Bra Survey, Lingerie Guru, published contributing writer and awesome speaker - I have accumulated a wealth of industry specific knowledge and proven business techniques that are guaranteed to blow you profits high out of the water and into brassiere stratosphere!

So this is how I'm going to help your lingerie business' bottom line look fantastic again.

You will need to slip into my Secret Bras Business Seminar on the 17th April 2010.

At this unique seminar specifically designed to fit and support the ambitious lingerie entrepreneur, you will learn:

1. To establish vital lingerie business basics including how to segment your target market, how to establish clear business goals and implement key performance indicators within your lingerie business - so that you can track results and refine your strategies quickly and efficiently

2, How to create a sales funnel for your lingerie business so that you develop a coherent personal sales and marketing plan to constantly turn your unqualified leads into lucrative qualified paying customers

3, How to develop cost effective and creative marketing strategies to bring customers through your doors (and/or your website!) without throwing away money on traditional and expensive marketing tools

4, Simple, valuable secrets to developing personal sales skills and boost your service standards at your store that will have your clients breathlessly saying WOW and get them coming back for more

5. How to step outside the box when it comes to building an awesome lingerie business - learn to go way beyond standard stock selections, poor attention to critical customer service and working yourself to the ground

6. How to continue to grow your business and sell high margin products - despite what is happening to interest rates and in any economic condition.

The Secret Bras Business Seminar is totally Lingerie Industry specific - so all the secret tips and strategies are relevant to the current industry conditions and can be immediately implemented in your store as soon as you walk out of the seminar.

My goal for the Secret Bras Business Seminar is for you to:

1. Get total clarity in what you want to achieve out of your business and how you can measure it

2. Develop specific direction on how to market and sell to your target cliental

3. Save time and money by efficiently generating leads and teaching you (and your staff) how to turn every lead, every client that come into your doors into a totally satisfied and paying client that will refer your business without prompting and keep coming back

4. Earn a minimum of an extra $10,000 in profits for your lingerie business within 90 days of implementing my strategies - I guarantee it!!

5. Learn simple management strategies to replicate successful performance and great service with every member of staff in your business - so you can take a step back and enjoy the fun side of the lingerie industry

You will need to invest $97.00 and approximately 5 hours of your time to the Secret Bras Business Seminar.

In return, you will get to learn to build all the vital foundations to an awesome lingerie business.

Just like putting on a sexy, comfortable and supportive bra - it's what lies underneath that is critical to get right (whatever the cup size!)

Take care of that and the rest of your business (and life) will fall into place.

I believe in what I teach 100% - so much so that I'm willing to offer this (beyond risk free!) guarantee:

If the tools and knowledge you get from the Secret Bra Business Seminar does not super boost your lingerie business profits by $10,000 within 90 days of implementation, I will REFUND the investment you made to attend the seminar.

That's an extra $97.00 back into your business! I would suggest that you use this to spoil yourself in a massage session to relieve the hassle of attending my seminar.

Reserve A Limited Seat At The Secret Bra Business Seminar Now

A business seminar specifically designed for the lingerie entrepreneur has never been conducted here in Australia.

So I can see many of you will be very excited about it (probably already signed and paid up!)

And many of you will be cautious about the possibilities - and probably will have a few reservations.

For one, you might be asking - can it work for me if it hasn't been done before?

Yes and it will work fantastically!

Unlike some business seminars and retail selling coaching sessions that you may have attended, the Secret Bras Business Seminar is totally focused on specific techniques and tools for the lingerie industry.

Lingerie is an intimate apparel that has a deep connection with every single client. You need to build trust and connection with every individual that comes through your doors.

You can not market and sell intimacy like you sell hand bags or shoes!

That's why it makes sense to know all the right selling and marketing strategies that are beyond normal retail selling.

A few of you will be thinking - this seminar is going to give me more headaches and more things implement in my business that is already taking too much of my time, too much of my energies and not enough reward in return.

Yes - I absolutely agree that to make more money by implementing the strategies that I will share at the Secret Bras Business, you will be required to put in some short term hard yakka.

There is absolutely no shortcuts to building great foundations.

But in the long term, you will be able to replicate great service and selling skills to your staff, to be able to spend less money doing useless traditional marketing and to earn a great level of profits that will allow you to spend more time (and your money) on the fun side of the industry that inspires you.

Some of you might also be saying, I can't afford to pay $97 and take off 5 hours for a seminar.

Let me put it this way. If I guarantee you will win a $10,000 lottery pool by paying for a $97 ticket - would you hand over the money?

Beyond my guarantee to super boost your profits within 3 months, investing in the Secret Bras Business Seminar will help you build a stable foundation for long term growth and success in your business.

You will be exposed to current trends, tools, strategies and knowledge to build a great little (or big) business and an awesome lifestyle to go with it.

And taking on the big end of town is also a good motivation!

The lingerie industry does not need more generic stock lines, low price point competition and crappy service like it is dished out in spades by the department stores and big chains.

It needs you - the creative lingerie entrepreneur, to bring glamour, colour, fun, trust and sexy back to the industry.

It needs you to help our quietly desperate consumers to rediscover the 'intimate' in intimate apparel again.

I so look forward to meeting you at my Secret Bras Business Seminar!

It will be my honour to help, motivate and inspire you to build a great lingerie business and awesome life to go with it all.

Honestly and Passionately


ReneƩ Mayne
The Bra Queen

Do you know why the top 1% of successful businesses make awesome amounts of money?
Their owners do not consciously measure business growth with wealth and ability.
They gauge their success and achievements by their true Goals and Mindset!
They have also have a clear road map, an untainted vision as to where they want to go.
Then they invest all they can on Self Development, Consulting and Business Coaching. They are willing to go where most people are not in search of improvement.
My Secret Bra Business Seminar is all about teaching you to develop clear goals and mindsets to improve your lingerie business - and give you a life back at the same time.
Added to this, you will get timely tools, strategies and knowledge from this seminar that is totally specific to the lingerie industry.
There is simply no business event like it anywhere else in Australia.
You will learn directly from me, the Bra Queen - Australia's #1 Lingerie Business Coach and esteemed Lingerie Critic, writer, speaker, successful lingerie business owner, passionate lover of life and totally awesome mother of two.
My seminar is a rule changing, ground breaking and much needed way for you - the lingerie entrepreneur to learn how to market and sell intimate apparel and get you making at least $10,000 more in profits within 90days.
I guarantee it - or I'll refund double the investment you made to attend the seminar.
That is - I'll give you back $97 you pay for the ticket to the seminar plus another $97 to you for the trouble.
It's time to give the lingerie industry a big shake up.
It's time for entrepreneurs like you to stop giving lip service to slipping service standards, boring stock lines and low price based competition that has been initiated by the big end of town.
It's time for you do start providing awesome intimate customer service, sell great exciting products, market creatively and get customers coming back in droves.
When these foundations are created, you will see your profits soar beyond your imagination. And learn to love your business and life in equal measure.
Come to the Secret Bra Business Seminar and turn your words into action.

Reserve A Limited Seat At The Secret Bra Business Seminar Now

Date: Saturday 17th April
Time: 9am to 1pm
Location: Bayview Hotel, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
Join THOUSANDS Of Women & Stay Updated
Feel Alive From The Inside Out

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