27 November 13

Words That Are More Important Then SEO

The words that make your customers melt…

With technology where it is and the emphasis we put on SEO (search engine optimisation) this is something that most people forget about today. It is something I love to brainstorm with teams because it makes a big difference in how we connect with our customers.

Today I am sharing a little secret that we used to do back in my hairdressing days to get our clients exciting about change and make it sound so good they could eat it!

It is so much fun to do with your team!

Such a nifty idea this one!

With online marketing and SEO we spend a lot of time thinking about our keywords, what are typing in to find our business? What are people Googling?

Now SEO is very important and I urge everyone to research and know your keywords. But for today I want to talk about other words that are just as important and they are the words that make your customers say yeah baby! You can call them keywords; buzzwords have a list of words that make your customers melt. For example in my hairdressing days we would brainstorm words that we could use in consultations. …Beige…caramel.

We can use these words on the floor, on your website and in your marketing. But we can do better then that, knowing your target market is crucial and knowing SEO and buzz words is the icing but to really identify and relate to your customers and make your marketing sing create their back story. What is their life journey so far, what are some of the things they have experienced, what have been their frustrations and pain around your product and how did that make them question or affect their confidence?


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