2 June 15

Winter Wardrobe Essential!

During winter I have this conundrum, I hate being cold, but I also hate the feeling of big bulky clothes…. And I am not willing to sacrifice being warm for the sake of “fashion”

Surely I am not alone? I hope I’m not.

I wanted to share with you something that is so high up on my clothing rotation during the winter it’s not ever funny!

Trick to combating this conundrum is layers, I wear long sleeve cami’s under everything! They keep me super warm and they look great with jackets, under tops and under dresses. I love the versatility they give me in my wardrobe during the winter.

The Bella Bodies long sleeve Cami is awesome, they come in a twin pack and they're only $49.95.

bella bodies long sleeve cami






What do you do to keep warm during the winter months?

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  • I wear merino thermals. I hate being cold. Can you advise, other than Target, where we can buy merino thermals from please?

    • Kathmandu and Target I find are the nearest options Carly 🙂

    • Try Merino Country here in Brisbane, but you can buy online!

  • I agree Rene, I also layer and will be doing lots of it when I fly to Melbourne tomorrow! Even here in Brisbane, I layer when it is cold!

    • Brace yourself Linda, it’s pretty chilly!

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