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1 December 15


As you know we are uber passionate about seeing more diversity in our lingerie stores so we can cater to every body and every personality.

Small lingerie independents like Avocado Lingerie have a place in our hearts and in our homes. They are an indie lingerie label from Poland, that has a twist in their lingerie that is like no other.

Anna the co creator of Avocado would like YOU to be a part of their story.


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Create a SLOGAN (tagline) for Avocado Lingerie and you will be in running to WIN a set of Avocado Lingerie valued at $200.

Now to give you some inspiration here is a little bit about their brand and you can read more in our review.

This range is for the woman who enjoys a soft elegance, she likes to feel beautiful yet still comfortable in the lingerie she wears. She is unique and confident in her skin and she likes to be a little bit more eccentric with the lingerie she wears. She likes to opt for lingerie that is different, because it’s an extension of her personality….

Avocado bras, like this woman is strong in the areas that you need them to be, gentle in other areas where they need to be gentle and has a strong sense of attention to detail, leaving no area unfinished… each element serving a purpose to give us the complete unique and divine vision that you are.

Anna the Co- Founder of Avocado Lingerie says

“Avocado was born in 2001 out of need to create an elegant and sensual alternative to what was widely available on the Polish market back then.
Since the beginning, Avocado Lingerie is made of French lace and Swiss embroidery, which come from lace and embroidery houses well known for their quality and original design.
We get inspired by and want to make our lingerie for women, who define themselves through self-knowledge, independent and have a well-rounded perception of the world and themselves.

Avocado Lingerie is hand-made. The process of making every piece of our lingerie requires patience and precision, but enables us to take care of every detail. It is made in Poland, in small quantities. Every detail of it is carefully selected for every design and construction to be as close as possible to your body. Every Avocado is a fruit of our work that becomes a part of you. Our aim in lingerie making is perfection: in comfort, fit and shape.

The diversity of our design and constructions is the result of our recognition/ acknowledgement that women's sensuality begins and is set exactly where she wants and feels it, and her maturity is related to self-knowledge, rather than her age. We think of lingerie as of an intimate expression of oneself, an expression that may be diverse, surprising and unexpected. We are fascinated by the complexity of woman's nature, by what is hidden from the outer world, but completes us at the same time.

Our aim is to create lingerie, whose aesthetics is in tune with the ambiguity of woman's nature; a piece of intimate clothing by which she can express the less obvious aspects of herself, that aren't necessarily displayed through regular clothes but are hidden underneath.”

Get those creative juices flowing!


Write your slogan/ tagline in the comment section below and the winners will be announced on 14-12-2015.

Entries close on the 10-12-2015.

The winner can choose the favourite Avocado lingerie set!


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  • Crystal

    Avacado Lingerie: Supportive and Sensuous, like the woman you truly are!

    • How divine is it to feel those two things as well Crystal!

      • Crystal

        Considering how often I feel supportive, it’s nice to feel sensuous sometimes too!

  • Noelle

    Advocado Lingerie; for the woman who’s not looking for average but something quite unique, just like her!

    • Not for the average woman! I like it! 🙂

  • Sam

    Avocado Lingerie: Made for the elegant you

  • Rach

    Avocado Lingerie: Feel Alive These Were Made Especially For You!

  • NickB

    Be an inspiration.

  • Avocado lingerie: keeping yours looking ripe, firm and sexy.

  • Simone Wootton-Franssen

    Avocado Lingerie: Strong, sensual and full of spirit.

  • A big CONGRATULATIONS to Crystal who has been selected as the winner of this competition with her answer “Supportive and Sensuous, like the woman you truly are!”

    • Crystal

      Fantastic!! Thank you so much! xo

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