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10 December 13

Why Is Knowing Your “Purpose” REALLY Important?

Purpose, why is this so important and why does everyone keep talking about it?

I know it sounds a little bit fluffy doesn’t it but at the end of the day a murky message equals murky results.

You don’t just sell a bra, what are you really selling?

Let’s discover that special something in todays video because I guarantee you this will change they way you think about your business…in a good way of course.

Yeah Baby!

Imagine knowing the exact reason you do what you do, the reason behind your magnificence and what you want to achieve and bundle it up in a nice little bundle of joy. Without purpose you don’t know where you’re going, why you’re going or even why you exist. Knowing your purpose is crucial because the clarity and drive it gives you will knock your socks off.

Know what you are striving for and you’re off Struggle Street.

The BIGGEST thing I found once I discovered my purpose is this:

When you don’t know your purpose business and life is chaotic, hurried and a little meaningless. Making decisions is hard and meetings go on and on with no real outcome. You don’t know which way is forward so growth is a real problem.


Your Purpose Defines The Business You’re Really In

Tony Robbins says “What business are you REALLY in” because it’s not just the product you sell it is so much more then that

A murky message is murky results. A great message gets you great results.


Businesses go under when they don’t have a strong clear message. Think about all the businesses that have gone under since the world wide web, think about the businesses that stand strong and weather very storm.

Stack the odds in your favour

Combine your detailed research with that little something that makes your heart sing, add a purpose that’s sure to fill a real need in the marketplace. Doesn’t it make sense that a business designed this way has a much higher chance of success? I think so.

1. Purpose improves performance: When you are clear about the your purpose you become strategic and clever about where your time and energy goes. Everything becomes effective.

2. Purpose brings presence: We want to engage in meaningful work because we are passionate people. When your business actively communicates its purpose you attract awesome people. The best employees, the best customers, the best

Outsourcers. They all want to work and support you because you provide more than something do to, you provide meaning to their lives. Learn to be mindful.

3. Purpose strengthens engagement: In this new economy engagement and connection is everything! Connecting, contributing and caring means employee’s are highly engaged and it’s beyond just getting a pay check. Because your employees are engaged they are going to connect and care for your customers. It’s the circle of engaging in a meaningful way.

4. Purpose eliminates unnecessary detours: It gives you and your team a road map to stay on course. Our aim is to grow our business without “us” being in it. Avoid the bright shiny objects.

5. Purpose brings innovationYou are on top of your game therefore you can create and innovate beautiful things that will enhance and improve your customers world.

6. Purpose builds your brand it helps you deliver a clear and consistent brand message to your customers.


8. Purpose leads fulfilment and happiness: and that my friend is the ultimate success and that is the very reason you need to read on.

Best Advice Ever

Both Tony Robbins and Mark Bouris have both said: “See things for not worse then they are, not better then they are but AS THEY ARE. Then see it better then it is and make it that way”

The Message of some great companies

  • Google – To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
  • Facebook – Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
  • Disney – Keeping alive the magic of childhood.
  • Bra Queen: Giving lingerie entrepreneurs the tools to work less and earn more. So together we can empower women through the self-expression of lingerie.
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