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11 December 09

Why in the world would you own a business?

My whole life this is what I have always wanted to own my own business.
Why I really don’t know it was just what was in my heart. So I followed.

When you do your market research, your business plans and everything else you need to do. You read all of the material and as much as they say ‘There are little to no rewards in the beginning’ you say ‘That’s OK, I know and that’s fine’.

Then you open and it feels like FINALLY! We’re here.
Reality: NO YOU ARE NOT!

You haven’t even started. The fun starts here!
Now you have to make sales, marketing, networking, promotions, accounting, and orders blah blah blah.

So the excitement and adrenalin soon becomes stress, fatigue, exhaustion. The smile lines turn into frown lines because you know what ‘There are little to no rewards in the beginning’

The time, dedication, consistency, motivation and the passion it takes consumes you. It’s what you live it’s what you breathe! It’s the first thing you think about in the morning and last thing you about at night and if that’s not enough


Then something happens “BOOM” your light bulb moment!

It’s not what is on the other side, it’s about the journey.

So you STOP!

You realise that your job will never be done. There will always be something that needs improving, fixing or updating. You and your business is constantly evolving and YOU need to enjoy the process and trust the process and know that everything that has gone wrong and right has brought you here to this very moment right here and right now.

When you realise that from the bottom of your heart this is what you live and breathe for.
I didn’t do this to make money I do it because I LOVE IT. I do it because it is my mission to make women feel good about themselves everyday.

Why? Because we deserve too! If we feel good then our partners, our kids, our family and our colleagues feel good too and we can enjoy the journey together.

So to answer my question Why am I in Business?

Because I LOVE to make women feel good and I want to make as many women as possible feel good. That’s why!

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  • Love this article Renee, thank you!

    By big why for creating ‘Soul Satisfaction for Women’ is to create a world where women feel authentically empowered, sensually alive and deeply fulfilled. In my years as a coach and workshop facilitator I have seen too many women struggling with stress, self-sabotage and relationship issues, and that nagging feeling that something is missing even when everything else seems to be running smoothly.

    When I see my clients fully exploring, embracing and expressing the juice and truth of who they are it makes EVERYTHING worth it, because I know the profound impact this will have in her life, to those she loves and to her ability to shine, and share her gifts with the world!

    I also personally value the freedom that having my own company gives me over everything that working for someone else could…That’s my personal I have time for me, for my intimate relationship, my son. My mission is to Learn. Live. Share. So having my own company also frees me to go learn with the best teachers on the planet, whenever I want so I can then live what I learn and share that through my work.

    You’re so right Renee, sometimes having your own biz can suck, sometimes it’s blissful, but knowing WHY you’re doing and remembering that in good times and bad is critical to thriving int he long haul! Thanks for the reminder today!

    Lisa Page recently posted..FREE WEBINAR ‘Live with Lisa’ Love Coaching Class

  • Thanks Lisa!

    I wrote this 6 years ago and I remember the pain and the stress but it was my turning point both personally and professionally.

    I realised I wasn’t aligned with who I really am and once I discovered and aligned myself with my true purpose everything become easy. Even on the exhausting days I still love what I do 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..The Difference Between The Business Owner & The Entrepreneur

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