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2 July 13

Why Attraction Marketing or inbound marketing Can Be Seen as the Wave of the Future

Guest Post by Anthony Khoury Author of The Beach Bum Millionaire and Gtraining (Guerrilla Marketing)

Regardless of what business you are in, attraction marketing is seen as the wave of the future. There are several issues that are very private to some people. The best way to position what you have to offer to markets like these is to integrate social media as an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Not only with this prove to be informative, but you will reach people who would generally steer away from being approached outright. Making use of inbound marketing is an ideal way to let your community in on the various benefits of your products or services.

People will soon realize that you care about them as your social media fan pages demonstrates this without a shadow of a doubt. Blogging within social media platforms such as Facebook or Google Plus is not only advantageous to your business, but gives away very useful information that is to your visitors benefit.

Most of all you come across as a caring individual who does not expect anything in return. Your social media pages will cover all kinds of topics that would focus exclusively on the needs of your online visitors. That is enough to draw targeted individuals to your blog or site on a regular basis.

Making use of social media for any kind of topic, and doing so by incorporating a blogging system within a social giant like Facebook, is a great way to spread the word around about what your company stands for. In addition, you would make use of a RSS feed that will keep your fans in the loop of what is happening next. You can extend your reach even further by posting comment on other business owners' blog posts which in turn will link back to your blog.

By ensuring that you have pictures of either yourself or your staff serves as another very useful attraction marketing tool as it will instill confidence in potential customers of yours. They will soon see that you are a real person who cares for them. This is something that spammers won't even bother doing. In addition, you should give away free samples or give massive discounts to ensure your client base grows even more.

The way things are going it is clear to see why attraction marketing is the wave of the future. People do not like to be bullied into making decisions. They want to be casually visit your blog or website, and then based on the information they are provided with, by means of social media that focuses on your products or services, they will make their final decision.


Written By Anthony Khoury Creator of G Training and author of The Beach Bum Millionaire




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  • I definitely agree with this perspective. In a world where there is so much information to take in, with very little time to action all of it and spit it back out in some way shape or form, attraction marketing is probably the way to go but only if you really know how to STAND OUT in a crowd. Something I’m having problems with but not because I don’t know what to do, but more because I don’t know how to find the courage to do what I need to do.

    Great blog post!

    • Hey Susie!

      I think the only way to stand is to create a business model that is unique to you and to be 100% yourself. Stand up and into the arena, just be there and have fun. Courage is to show up and be yourself.


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