31 August 10

What’s Hot From Melbourne Fashion Exposed 2010

Today brings the end to 2010 Fashion Exposed and Allure Australia's Lingerie Expo so what's hot, what's goss and what are my lingerie picks for spring/summer lingerie?

For those of you who missed this years Fashion Expo there was a little change, as you know I have been writing for Fashion Exposed in the months leading up to the show and I conducted a couple of workshops during the expo. I really wanted to challenge the minds of the traditional business owners and plant the seed that there is no such thing as competition because we are all unique, we have something different to offer and therefore resonate to a different audience.

Positive Action= Positive Results

This can be somewhat confronting face to face and depending on how open minded the person is will determine how well the message is received. This comes naturally to some business owners and with that my favorite Australian Lingerie Distributors are Janine Fisk from Eveden home of Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Fauve & now Huit lingerie and Karen Edbrooke from Big Girls Don't Cry home of Panache, Cleo & Masquerade and Natasha Buttler from Moving Comfort what I love about these lingerie industry leaders is they understand that their success depends on the success of the small lingerie businesses...the retailers and they are so passionate and dedicated to helping and supporting their clients and ensuring their growth and success. They are open, helpful and they are forthcoming with their information because they understand that there is enough success in this world for everybody and the value is not about you it's about what you can give to others and create a win/win situation for all parties that is rewarding both emotionally and financially. So I applaud you ladies and I also thank you for being passionate and proactive within Australia's lingerie industry.

So my lingerie wholesaler/distributor service pick goes to the gems above, for small businesses looking at suppliers these ladies are flexible. knowledgeable and dedicated to you and your business.

What's Hot in Lingerie?

Lots of green is about which you don't always see in lingerie however I'm really liking it, purple, pink & corals are very fashionable for spring/summer as well. Here are a few snap shots of some of my fav's-

What's new at Secret Weapons is invisible lift tape and what I love is their double sided body tape that comes in a handbag sized dispenser which is very cool.


These Bra accessories are from Delowie which will hide bra straps or change the complete look to any outfit

003As you know shape-wear and control-wear have become huge. What I loved about Body Wrap Shapewear they have designed a range that actually looks hot...not like the flesh colored and not very attractive ones that we're used too.


Maternity lingerie range Hot Milk have a saucy new collection for expecting and new mum's and now they have an ongoing range as well which makes life easier and they are going up to a H Cup.


One of my favorite ranges for larger cups is Miss Mandalay by UK lingerie designer, Lorraine has a delightful collection. The Paris bra is coming out in the purple you can see it below and the hot pink bra behind it is called Gigi and the material is simply divine. There is a bra called Paige and it's coming out in a pretty coral.


Coming later this week is my top Freya picks for spring/summer.

Did you go to Fashion Exposed...what was your favorite pieces?

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