24 May 13

What Makes Bra Queen Tick

In my last post I spoke about embracing WHO you are and what is important to you, to be authentic in everything you do. We all make mistakes in business and in life but I don't view them as mistakes because everytime we go through any experience we learn, grow and get more clarity around what we want and what is important to us.

What Makes Renee Mayne  (Bra Queen) Tick?

  1. Conscious creation, conscious conversations and living a conscious life.
  2. Believing that there is an abundance of success for everyone.
  3. Having a sense of knowing, believing and letting go for the greater good.
  4. I believe in natural alignment and setting the intent.
  5. Yoga, boxing and anything that makes me go beyond what I think I can do.
  6. My unwavering desire to make a real difference
  7. To connect, collaborate and contribute on an authentic level with myself and everyone I come into contact with.
  8. To unite the lingerie industry so everyone thrives and leads fulfilled lives.
  9. Being able to empower a woman, that’s what lingerie does.
  10.  I love love love being around smart, savvy people who have a zest for life.
  11.  I want my girls and every woman to embrace who they are, love their bodies and hold no judgements. To be kind and know that anything is possible when you are in the drivers seat.
  12. I believe in ancient wisdom and offer modern solutions.
  13. I believe in having a vivacious business and bringing back the FUN factor. Fulfilment, Unity and it can happen Now.


What about you, what makes you tick?




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