16 November 11

What Knickers Suit Your Body Shape?

With an abundance of different shape Knickers available which ones do you wear? T-String, G-String, French Knicker, Hi Briefs, Shorty, Boy Leg, my goodness!

The fabulous Imogen Lamport spoke about Body Shapes in How To Dress Your body Shape

Now let's get you in the right knickers!


The Perfect bottoms for 'A' Shapes are:
Tip: You want the leg to sit above your thigh, that way it will draw attention away from it.

Look for low line knickers.

low line knickers

Your options...

* Cheeky Short: They have you covered, but still show your curves.
* Briefs: They have a higher leg so it makes your legs appear longer and it will draw the eye up.
* G- String: They also are cut higher drawing attention away from your thighs.
It will depend on whether you are comfortable showing off your bootie 😉


Aim is to balance out your hips and thighs.

Look for high waisted panties (if you want to embrace your curves), g- strings work well or french knickers.


high waisted g- string

Your options...

* Cheeky Short: They sit low on your, a bit flirty across your butt, perfect for the Hourglass.
*Bikini: As long as it's a low waist bikini and it's narrow at the side so it will flatter your curves.
* T-String: Because sits on your middle hip it's a comfy, stylish and invisible cut which is great for fitted clothing.


Tip: To give yourself a waist and soften your shape.

You can usually wear most shapes.

french knicker

Your options...

* Shorty: Sits low on the hips with a nice cut across the bottom, has a wider band so creates more shape through the middle.

* French Knicker: It great because they're fun, a bit cheeky and will suit your shape.
* T-String: So it sits low on the hips and has narrow sides, ideal for a slimmer figure.


Tip: Elongate your body so you want to draw the attention down.

knickers for apple body shapes

Your options...

* Shorty: flattering the 'O' shapes, it sits on the hips with a cheeky cut away from your bottom.
* Bikini: If it's designed to sit low on the waist with a low rise fit. These will be great on you.


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  • Robert

    This has been very informative! Although,i have worn other brief in the past.. For the most part i tend to wear hi-cuts…Knowing your body shape,it’s quite helpful…. Thank’s!

    • braqueen

      Heyya! It does make it easier doesnt it however we dont usually think too much about it. Rx

  • Enriqueta Cantlow

    There are basically five types of body shapes or figures each with its perfect bikini wear. These are the apple, hourglass, pear, rectangular and round shapes. The apple shape is characterized by a fuller upper body and smaller lower body unlike the pear shape which is the exact opposite. Rectangular bodies have an athletic structure with a small chest and a typically skinny frame all round. The hour glass figure is assumed to be the easiest to dress a bikini since women with this shape have a perfectly defined waist. The round shape women have a lot of weight in the tummy and not a well defined waist. The amazing thing is that each of these women has a bikini type that will make them stand out.*

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