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16 December 09

What is Your Passion, You Purpose?

I have always been a very passionate person and always had a strong desire to succeed. I have had oodles of jobs in a vast array of areas. It has always been crucial for me that I love my job and as soon as I didn’t I would move on saying “Life is too short to not love your job”

However I know so many people that have never done a job they really loved or even liked and just look for jobs in their assigned areas in their careers, that just kind of happened. No real thought or desire went into the decision of their career path and they never seem to question it, this to totally alien to me.

Do you like your job; have you ever had a job you liked?

I have made many “in between” jobs whether it was because I was traveling, saving money, doing it just the experience or using it as a stepping stone I have always liked or loved it at that time. I have my days of course however they still served a purpose. Most times it had nothing to do with money it was always about what I felt I could contribute to the business and what experience would I learn from it.

NOW- From Busniess Coach, Lingerie Expert and writer, I still as Bra Queen wear many hats and I love them all!
However now I am classified as an entrepreneur so this enables me to explore everything that I am passionate about which I LOVE!

Do you know where you want to go in life?

I recently stumbled across goals that I had written about 8 years ago. At the time I was trying to figure out what my perfect job would be. This is want I wrote
•Help People
•Motivate People
•Be creative
•Room for growth so I don’t get bored.

As I read this I thought ALL of my jobs have indirectly done the above without me even realizing it! Except the room for growth part 😉

My whole career has been a stepping stone to lead me to where I am today, the Bra Queen.
My empire is based on what comes from my heart and soul, always knowing and having faith that I can help people I have something to offer so many people and the beauty of it is- It’s me! My empire is me, every word I say and every movement I make comes from heart honestly & passionately.

What attributes do you want to install in your children?

This is something I think about a lot! My girls are walking sponges and a lot of the time walking clones of myself!
I really want to teach my girls
Be Honest- With yourself & with others
Confidence- I think this is the most important attribute I person can have. I’m NOT talking about the up yourself, full of crap confidence. I’m talking about the “I am comfortable in my skin and in who I am as a person.”
You can do ANYTHING! You are NOT too pretty, too smart, too dumb, too short, too tall. If you work hard and it comes from your heart then it will happen!
•Be happy and be healthy
LIVE - Don’t hold back because “What will people think?” or you’re too scared (you do you BEST work when you are outside your comfort zone)
Don’t fall into the trap of “I’ll be happy when…” because you are waiting on “stuff” and “stuff” doesn’t matter. If you are thinking like that then you are not living in the moment, Live for today!

Who do you admire, do you have a mentor?

I admire/love, actually I think we were married in a past life! Richard Branson not one thing about him just everything. How his mind works his drive and determination, his ethics, his love and passion for life. I would LOVE him to be my Mentor, Richard please? Pretty please?

What is YOUR passion, do you have one?

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