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5 February 10

What is Your IT Factor?

By now you know that I'm ALL about mastering YOUR niche. What is YOUR "IT" Factor, do you know have you thought about. When you source your Lingerie Collection do you stay true to yourself and your passion OR do you copy what everyone else is doing?
Create your own gravy train don't ride on someone elses. My passion may not be your passion, discover what it is that makes you tick. Be smart take calculated risks but take risks, listen to what your customers want.
A lot of Lingerie Businesses are unable to think for themselves and will only stock what I recommend or what is safe. BUT if you're on this site I know you think outside the square and you what to be the best Lingerie Business you can be.

Have you ever had an original thought, that you have sourced by yourself and off your own bat if so then YOU'RE the type of Business that will leave a giant footprint on this earth.

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