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14 September 11

What is the fascination with the Ahh Bra?

The million dollar question! I want to put something out there for you and PLEASE let me know your thoughts.

I have a theory on my number one asked question…

  1. The Ahh Bra, is it good? Everyone is fascinated with it and wants to know if it’s any good because they make it sound so good.

I usually say something along the lines of “I know one of the models and she said it is terrible, it offered no support what so ever. When a bra offers no support it is uncomfortable, bad for your posture and back, it doesn’t give you any lift or shape so your clothes do not fall or look as good as they could and should, it maybe OK to sleep in.”

I get asked this question at least 3 times a day, if it’s not the Ahh Bra it is the Genie Bra. Here is my thought process-

They sell this bra so well even I wanted it and I know its crap!

They understand exactly what women want and tell them exactly what they want to hear.

  1. It’s comfortable- Women want comfort, they are sick and tired of wearing bras that annoy them all day long. They want to put a bra on and forget about it.
  2. We don’t want to have to worry about the fit- we don’t want to have to worry about spillage, gapping and back fat.
  3. Easy to wash- we see a bra as a bra and want to be able to chuck it in the wash and not have to worry about handling it like it’s a newborn baby.
  4. Value for money- We want value for money, now I didn’t say cheap.


What are your thoughts on this, what is important to you? Please share in the comments below.



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  • Kirsty

    I want comfort, no spillage as one of my girls is almost a cup size bigger than the other, I want to feel sexy, I want it to look pretty, I want to be able to throw it in the washing machine and not think about it and I want value for money.
    But having said all that I will settle, even though I shouldn’t, for any bra that will remotely resemble something that will hold my girls still and not make my back ache, because at a 22G there is literally nothing out there that is pretty or doesn’t cost the equivalant of a house deposit!

    • braqueen

      Hey Kirsty!

      Most women have one bigger then the other its really common so you’re not alone there 🙂 Elomi are great for larger sizes, they are a little more expensive but they are worth it. Next season they are actually reducing their prices even more which is great. I think it is such an imporant thing to get right so we shouldn’t have to settle because truth be told we wouldn’t settle in many other areas that are less important. Thank you so much for your thoughts? Rx

  • Annie Kallis


    As a professional bra fitter, I cannot believe how many women fall for this bra. You are right, women are constantly looking for comfort, support & great shape. However I cannot see how this bra can lift, shape & support a DD, let alone an F cup. And if you look at the commercial, most of the models are slip with enhanced breasts. Those that are fuller in the cup hang out on the side, making them look wider than they are.
    It probably would be good for a little A or B cup and perhaps a sleeping bra, but then do you really want to sleep in something so tight?

    Thank you Bra Queen for this info.


    • braqueen

      Hi Annie,

      That’s just it their is no lift, shape or support especially in larger cup sizes….crazy! Rx

  • Andrea

    Hey Gorgeous

    My theory is there is normally a reason why they sell these things on the TV shopping networks and not in stores, that is because if people had a chance to try before they buy they’ll never buy!

    Personally, I think the style is ugly and I’d never buy one, I’ve bought crop top type bras before and they are rubbish and uncomfortable. I love the current style of bra I wear, and I have one in every colour because it is so comfortable, when you find a good style and brand it’s bliss.

    A x

    • braqueen

      I like your thinking Andrea and you are totally right but a lot of women believe it and buy it or love what it says its suppose to do. It gets me thinking I tell you 🙂

  • I can’t believe women fall for this glorified singlet! After all the years of wearing bras we should know the features which offer lift and support – none of which this garment has! I guess lure of comfort, ease and fit make some women hopeful. Glad your bought it to light Renee – I will refer my reluctant (hopeful) clients to this page.

    • braqueen

      Haha, I’ve got to say they make it sound so good so I can understand why people are falling for it but you know me I love to keep it real 🙂 Rx

  • Well, I think women have so many other things to think about in their daily lives that when they see a “solution” like the Ahh Bra or Genie Bra they seem to think “aha! Something I don’t have to think about because it’s such an easy solution, no more wandering into shops and not being able to find something that fits!” Until of course they buy it and realise it isn’t as good as it seems.
    I personally would prefer to get myself fitted professionally and via a brand I trust and have used for a long while. Price does affect what I buy but if I know the quality is good, then I won’t mind paying a little bit more.

    • braqueen

      Thanks Norlin! You’re a wise woman and I love your thought process 🙂 Rx

  • You know I’ve seen those ads, and I usually pride myself by not being suckered in by advertising crap, but even I wondered if perhaps they were worth a go…

    I think it’s because I’ve never actually found a bra that does all the things they claim the aah bra does. Comfort, fit, ease, value…. I want all those things and I can never find a bra that even half matches up. If I can find one that fits well in the cups it rides up my back, if I find one that has a decent back I fall out the front…. I just want buying a bra to be simple and easy…. and I think this is the allure of the aah bra.

    Glad you’ve told me how crap they are though… now I really won’t be tempted

    • braqueen

      Hi Kate,

      I am more then happy to help you in the bra arena any time just say the word. The bra world has so much to offer now and there is really a great bra for every body however I must say we could still work on the value factor but we are getting there.


  • Marguerite

    I found aHh bra very comfy but not enough support and if u have to wear 2 (they say on the ad) then what’s the point???
    But as an occasional bra it’s great

    • braqueen

      Good to know Marguerite! Thank you x

  • Hi Renee,

    We get many women in our store and on the phone complaining about the Ah Bra, and wishing they’d never bought it. They’re looking for a wire-free bra that gives support, and think they’ve found the answer.

    Unfortunately, many of them don’t send it back, and it’s something they should do. If you buy a product, try it on carefully, and if you don’t think it’s for you, ask for a refund! We emphasize this with every bra we sell … nothing worse than having buyer’s regret when you get home.

    Some of our customers use it as a sleep bra, and find it comfortable for that purpose.

    • braqueen

      Thanks Irene!

      Yes I hear the same thing and couldn’t agree more 🙂


  • Rose

    I did not get the lift or support claimed on the Ahh Bra Ad. I would consider this a sleeping/bedtime bra at best. Did nothing positive for my figure, in fact, quite the opposite. Maybe Rhonda Shear has perky fake boobs or something, because I most certainly didn’t get that look. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS PRODUCT! Finally, I ordered from Shear Enterprises directly and they have a 30 day return policy. I missed the return date by a week, sent it back anyhow (figured shipping time to and from me would account for the week it took to get to and from me) and they actually sent it back to me without refund!!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE- DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

    • braqueen

      Oh Rose that is not good! Businesses can not afford bad service in this day and age, if you need any help finding a bra just let me know 🙂

  • olga

    Hi Renee. I’ve got a dream: you should be a guest on tv shows like Circle or Morning Show and teach ladies about brafitting. And they should stop selling crap!

    • braqueen

      Thanks Olga! I would LOVE too maybe we should all email them they will have to say yes 🙂 Rx

  • My kids think they look great! But since I’ve started having my bras properly fitted, and not buying cheap bras from Target or K-Mart, I don’t have any of the problems stated in the ads, I also don’t like wire-free bras as they don’t give the support.

    I think a lot of women get sucked in because they buy cheap bras that don’t fit properly and aren’t willing to spend a little more and get a properly fitted bra.

    • braqueen

      Agree! Women like what they say its going to do however sadly doesn’t quite fit the bill. Rx

  • Robert

    Great Topic! I always thought the” ahh bra” and the “genie bra” were the same! I think the commercials are misleading! How could one bra offer all that they claim it can do? I think It could be a great bra to sleep in! But not for every day wear!
    Even after getting fitted! With all the different styles on the marked today,finding that perfect bra can get very fustrating at times. Every time i shop for new bras i always try them on first before i buy them,unless i’m buying the same style… Thank-you so much for the info…..

  • My pleasure! Very misleading isn’t it but I am glad that people are starting to see the light 🙂 Good on you for getting fitted all the time as well, it makes a massive difference. Rx

  • Heather Lord

    I saw an ad for the Genie bra on TV the other day….couldn’t believe how misleading the ad was! The women they showed in their “before” bras – well, the bras) patently obviously to anyone who knows how a bra *should* fit!) gave absolutely no support at all. I also noticed that the sales lady was very careful *not* to show the back of the (obviously ill-fitting) “before” bras, otherwise we would no doubt have seen that the bra back was several sizes too big – but then of course a lot of women don’t realise that their bra should be straight across the back, and not so loose that it’s half way up their shoulder blades!
    Phew! Glad I got that off my…….chest 😉

  • Lisa

    I am a B cup, although no longer pert after 3 children , and I love the ahh bra – it actually does do all that it says!
    now I just need a swimsuit that makes me look pert again!

    • That’s good Lisa, I am glad it works for you. Yes I have no doubt it would work a little better on A and B Cups.

      Bring back the perk 🙂


  • Jackie M

    I wouldn’t wear any other bra now…..and I’m a DD cup! Mind you I’m 43 and having perky looking boobs is not a great priority of mine. I wear mine 24/7. I tried a cheaper version of the Ahh Bra and it didn’t do the same job. I love my Ahh Bra, but, like I said, I’m not looking for sexy anymore, just comfort.

    I mean, you know when you’re not getting enough support because you get pain from the weight of your girls pulling down – I don’t get that, so I’m happy. I was surprised that so many people have negative comments about the bra. For an everyday bra it’s great. It has it’s applications – I’m a stay at home mum so I guess if I was wearing it to work or out to night time functions I might not be so in love with it – but hey – whatever works for ya 🙂

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