11 January 12

How Often Do I Wash My Bra?

This is a question I get asked ALL the time.

You can wear your bra twice before washing it. therefore it is not necessary to wash your bra after every time you wear it.
If you wear the same bra everyday aim to wash your bra 2 to 3 times a week. If you have a few bras that you rotate then you don't have to wash your bras as much, I have around 4 that I usually wear. Personally I find that when you wash them it puts them back into shape.

How do I wash my bra?

  1. I always recommend giving your bra a GENTLE hand wash, no vigorous rubbing!
  2. If you insist on putting it in a washing machine then ALWAYS use a wash bag and never in the dryer.
  3. Don't hang your bra out on the clothes line, the sun will harden the material and fade the color. Just hang it inside over a chair.
  4. By looking after your bra it will maintain the shape so they remain comfortable, supportive and you will get great lift.

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