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I don’t know about you but sometimes life throws us a year that has been full of craziness, some years it feels like you’re on merry-go-round and you have accomplished naught!

The only way to step up and out is to do things differently. I am a firm believer in goal setting but goal setting is only one piece to the puzzle. There are some great business planners out there but for me I need something that is powerful, thought provoking and to the point. I don’t want something that is crazy long but it does need to give me clarity on the not only the year ahead but also the year that was. Without going into overwhelm!


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Vivacious Year By Design is quick, it’s easy and it will give you a clear direction on what you want, steps on how to there and enjoying the process.

Each element has been specifically designed so you will get:

  • Immense clarity on what you want
  • Extreme drive and determination to create your best year yet
  • Crystal clear direction on the steps you need to take to watch them unfold.
Creating a Vivacious Business will give you fulfillment, unity and it will happen NOW. It also allows you to bring back the fun factor.


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You are one click away from creating the most TRANSFORMATIONAL year you have ever had!

This is guaranteed to give you amazing growth, soul satisfying accomplishment and more abundance then you can ever imagine!

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