6 August 12

The Number One Item In Women’s Lingerie Drawer?

There is a movement taking place, have you noticed?

Women are forgoing their Bridget Jones knickers and opting to wear shapewear. With controlwear vastly becoming the number one must have item in our lingerie drawers. However to date they have been just as ugly.

I love to see the wave of new inspired lingerie as it becomes available to us, the evolution, the innovation combined with fashion makes my heart beat faster with excitement! So when I see the flood of new controlwear hit our streets it’s very exciting. Traditionally we wear shapewear to give us a better shape, a smooth shape and hide those unwanted humps and bumps we’ve accumulated along the way. While we may feel slimmer, we hardly feel sexy in them. When I see shapewear labels such as Vedette produce sexy shapewear it’s very exciting. Now we can hide those lumps and bumps while feeling good….now that’s what I’m talking about.

Vedette was founded in 1979 however it has predominately been in the USA. They are a family based business who prides themselves on providing women with a superior, innovative product that gives us a shapely silhouette.

Check out there latest collection.



Your thoughts? Do you like this look?



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  • Oh my giddy aunt I love the final pic, Sexy shorts finally!!! I must have these!!!

    • braqueen

      Aren’t they divine!

  • I just saw something about this on tv. It spoke the same things you wrote about.

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