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1 February 17

Valentine’s Day COMPETITION… $1050 Prize Pool!

We have partnered with Urban Life Photography for this amazing GIVEAWAY valued at $1050, with the intention of giving you the most amazing confidence building and positive body image photographic session.




Don’t let the boobs fool you.

On the surface it’s easy to assume that the big boobs, big smile and big personality could be misconceived in thinking that I am superficial, shallow and promoting the unrealistic idea around what “beauty” is and how it looks.

But it runs much deeper… It means something, something bigger than my boobs, my smile and my personality.

I did one thing and it was the only thing that has made me look at myself and love what I see, and you can experience it as well. It’s the best message of “I love you” that you can gift yourself (or/and your partner) this Valentine’s Day.

My first Valentine’s Day present was lingerie from my first real boyfriend, it was white, satin with a beautiful lace and I was in love. I wore it all the time and I remember the way it made me feel, it made me feel beautiful and every time I felt the satin against my skin it sent a shockwave of love for myself throughout my entire body.

It’s easy in everyday life to forget the little things, but it’s the small things that we do that make the biggest difference. While that might seem superficial, it’s the message that it sends throughout our bodies that “I am enough.” I am not beautiful like you I am beautiful like me. That matters.

What is your thing, that thing that you do or say that sends a message to yourself that whispers I’m not enough, I’m not beautiful?

That whisper echoes through out our bodies until it eventually screams or it becomes a silent snake that sits dormant in our body, stopping us from feeling internal and eternal love for ourselves.

We over look it like it’s not important, but it is because it affects every area of our lives… So many conversations we don’t have and I don’t understand why because we all feel them, experience them and have them.

As I embark on a quest for truth, the actual truth not my version of the truth or someone else’s but mine… I realise that the truth is a symptom of expectations. The ridiculous expectations we put on ourselves as well as the expectations people put on us.

Self-respect is in, as long as we make the rules and society or other people do not influence it.

Like, what we should or shouldn’t do or when we should do something.  If it serves our soul and our desires than it’s a yes.

Justifying our actions, thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to and “no” is a complete sentence.

Let’s make a promise to each other that it stops, now.

Make a promise to yourself that you will focus on loving yourself as you are and exploring new ways to love yourself and you can enjoy the ripple effect that has on all of your relationships.

Together with Urban Life Photography, we are giving YOU the chance to WIN the one thing, the only thing that made me love myself for who I am, as I am.

WIN your own Boudoir Photo-shoot!

(You don’t have to naked or even in lingerie, whatever feels best for you.)

The ultimate confidence building and positive body image photographic session!




  • Hair and makeup
  • The studio photo-shoot with photographers who specialise in this field and will guide you throughout the experience.
  • Up to 3 different styles of your choice (a stylist can help you if needed)
  • 16x20” image of your choice




Runners up


  • Hair and makeup
  • The studio photo-shoot with photographers who specialise in this field and will guide you throughout the experience.
  • Up to 3 different styles of your choice (a stylist can help you if needed)
  • A print of your choice




To ENTER the competition, comment BELOW and tell us your promise or your “thing”.


For an extra entry SHARE this post and tag BRA QUEEN (so we know to give you an extra entry)




Entries CLOSE 5pm on the 13th February and winner will be announce 5pm on 14th February, winners have 72 hours to claim their prize before it's redrawn.

*Update, the winners have been notified. Congratulations to all!


Conditions of entry.

Must be located in Melbourne, Victoria or willing to travel to Melbourne for the experience.

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  • Claire Bednall

    I promise to love myself unconditionally this year, regardless of what others say! I am pure love. I am amazing. I am enough ❤️ Would love to enter the competition. Recently a single mum, I could do with some sexiness being injected into my life! Thank you for the opportunity xx

    • What a gorgeous promise, love it xxx All the best beautiful xxx

  • Claire Camden-Burch

    I promise to step outside my comfort zone and show love and appreciation to my body because how it is today is because it has helped me birth 5, now amazing adults! Without my incredible body how could those amazing 5 adults have ever entered this world and make the difference they are! 🙂 Thank you xox

    • Beautiful!!! 5 kids aside, star to ponder how beautiful your body is today…. just because <3

  • Aija Bruvere

    I promise to love my body every day, exactly the way it is because it is special unique and my own. It is the house my soul inhabits, it is the only one I’ve got. And it is beautiful in many ways. I promise this year to take time every evening when I am in bed before falling asleep to check in with my body and send it love and appreciation and gratitude. To send love to all the parts, starting from the toes to the very tips of my hair. A mindful self love moment every day is what I promise myself. Thank you for this competition and article that made me realise how important it is to remind myself I am beautiful, not once, not twice, but everyday! I promise I will make most out of this new “I love my body” nightly ritual.

    • Oh this is just priceless and what I beautiful gift for yourself, I love this ritual. I have started a similar thing and love it xxx

    • Aija YOU WON SECOND PRIZE!!! Congratulations, can you please email and I will email you on how to claim 🙂

      • Aija Bruvere

        Hi Renee, I did e-mail you. But did not hear back. I wonder if you received my email or not. Very exciting to win the prize!

  • Daniela Greening

    My promise to myself has always to be true to myself. Not just from a physical stand point, but also emotional and be truly respectful to myself. My body has achieved many things in my life including baring children, running marathons and many other things. I am strong and promise to be true to myself!

    • Beautiful Daniela so beautiful xxx

    • Daniela, YOU WON FIRST PRIZE!!! Congratulations, can you please email and I will email you on how to claim 🙂

      • Daniela Greening

        Thank you!

  • Debbie

    I promise to validate and value myself to myself in all of my thoughts and actions! This will allow me to let go of the feeling of not been good enough! To step into a space of worthiness just because I am me (all of me)! Thank you Renee. xxx

    • LOVE this Debbie so much, my heart is full xxx

  • Shelley Weeks

    Always be true to me. The thoughts that may try and crowd that ‘me’ out, are not who I really am.

  • Miss Pink

    Having left a domestically violent situation, I found a shell of myself who I didn’t recognise as I had been filled over the many years with someone else’s ideas of who I was. A lot of soul searching and hard work later and I have changed what I didn’t like and grown to accept what I couldn’t change. And I think that acceptance has been my biggest ally. It is so easy when you can change certain aspects, you just change it, but not everything can be changed, sometimes the way you perceive it needs to be adjusted. So my promise is to try to be less critical on myself. Treat myself as I would a dear friend, with love, understanding and acceptance.

    • Oh Miss Pink, I completely understand and have walked a similar path. It is a journey that is for sure! I love your promise and congratulations on creating a new life for yourself. Lots of love x

      • Hey Miss Pink, if you don’t mind could I please have your email address as we would like to send you a little something xxx

  • Fee

    I’ve always struggled with low self esteem, negative self talk and just generally not feeling enough. I’m on a path to not feeling this way about myself anymore and this would be AMAZING to add to my achievements. I’ve been working on my self talk for the past 6minths and I have seen amazing improvements through my work. I also exercise at least twice a week to help with my depression mentally and to feel strong and sexy NOT skinny. I’m not focused on the number on a scale or the size of my clothes. What I am focused on is feeling happy, giving myself the love that I so easily give to others and being healthy.
    I’m prepared to travel if I win this amazing prize because I think it’s done thing I need to go and do in my journey.
    Thank you for the opportunity. XXX

    • Awesome FEE! It will benefit you greatly <3

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