3 April 14

URGENT NEWS For Retailers and Online stores

Apologies for the drastic headline but I have some news on the current state of Australian retail and I want to share what I find the most unusual.

Australian retail store Beville’s announced today that after 80 years in business that it was going into voluntary administration. Which means 477 employees will lose their jobs. Not only that but iconic department stores David Jones and MYER are set to become one. Therefore hundreds of employees if not thousands will lose their jobs.

Where does this end?

It makes me so sad for these businesses and it is such a shame, my heart goes out to everyone involved.

There is no denying that there are NEW rules in business and it is important that as business owners we take action to ensure we grow, expand and exceed our customers expectations. I have seen many changes in my 19 years in retail and business, personally I feel this is the most severe I have every experienced. (and I am not one that usually says that)

What I find the most unusual is that while so many businesses are going under there are just as many experiencing double-digit growth. Then there are those who are the majority that are smack bang in the middle. They are sitting on the fence, not quite ready to go under but not having a massive growth.

There are NEW universal laws to expansion and retail revival.

Give me 8 weeks and together we will create a well thought though strategy that will have experiencing that double-digit growth. 8 weeks. I promise you!


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