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14 March 10

Update on Bra Review- Freya Deco

I recently did a bra review on Freya Deco moulded plunge bra. Now because I am so dedicated about being honest with you I need to bring you this update.

I purchased my Freya Deco and I am still very fond of it, however I need to say this-

I wore my new plunge bra with a plunge top and well my GG Cup breasts slowly made their way into the middle. The shape and lift still looked good however they looked absolutely enormous, I kid you not.

So I will say to you I still recommend this bra however I wouldn't say it's an everyday bra unless you wear a singlet over the top to cover your girls, unless of course you want them out there. If you work at a desk or in an office then it would be fine. However if you are active then you may want to think twice about wearing the plunge bra with a plunge top.

I'm afraid I just shocked the world, with my my Um assets?

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  • K.Line

    I don't know how I missed your review of this bra. I agree that Freya hasn't mastered the plunge bra – i give that credit to Panache. Somehow, I don't think my boobs need to look any bigger than they are πŸ™‚ But gotta say, that Deco is a sexy bra.

  • Bra Queen

    HA! I know K.Line, seriously my breasts look so big it was laughable. But when I wear it under a singlet then it's OK.

  • Ging

    I tried on this bra and I hated it…I'm a 16D and my girls weren't lifted at all…the picture looks so damn good but yuck!

  • Ging

    Sorry I meant 16DD

  • Bra Queen

    Hey Ging,

    Were you correctly fitted? I recently tested this bra on oodles of women and I found that some ladies didn't like it because it provide too much lift.
    However would I be wrong in assuming you are a full DD? Like you have fullness from the top because then imagine it may lack lift?

    What bras are you usually successful with?

  • Ging

    Hi, no don't have fullness on top and no wasn't fitted, but tried on quite a few different sizes. Think I might need an 18, i'm finding the 16s cutting into my back and struggling to put them on. Any suggestions for an 18? I haven't seen many around…maybe i just need to diet instead πŸ™‚

  • Bra Queen

    Hey Ging,
    Where abouts do you live maybe a can direct you to somewhere? Elomi is good, Fantasie may work or possible even Panache, some Freya may work as well. If you can get fitted that will be best πŸ™‚

  • Ging

    I live in Sydney

  • Bra Queen

    Awesome Ging,

    Take a drive to DeBras they are fitters from out of this world πŸ™‚ They are great and have a huge range. There is one in Penrith and one in Wentworthville tell them I sent you, they'll look after you πŸ™‚

  • Ging

    I will – thanks very much.

  • Ging

    Me again! Do u know of "Storm in a D Cup" at Bondi Junction? They are much closer to me than Wentworthville. Would they be able to fit me properly? Thanks

  • Bra Queen

    Yes, Storm in D Cup will be able to help you for sure! Let me know how you go.

  • Anonymous

    I can also recommend More Than a Handful in the City CBD. There is one lady there (unfortunately I can’t remember her name) with short blonde hair – she is the best.

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