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27 February 14

A Transgender Guide To Finding Your Bra Size

We get numerous emails asking us about how a transgender or crossdresser can find a bra size that will work for them, not all lingerie stores are educated in this area so if we give you all of the information you need then you don’t have to rely on a bra fitting. You can fit yourself!

It is very similar to a regular bra fitting but you have a few extra steps.

Firstly you need to measure around chest to find your band size, you can use the guide below to find your band size.


































To find your cup size really depends on your frame and you want it to look as natural as possible.

  • Smaller frames you will want to be around a C cup
  • Medium frames can range between a D to E cup
  • Larger frames will range from DD to an F cup

Now the important element for you is choosing the right bra shape, men are usually broader in the back then women so bras are of course tailored to that.

The best bra shapes for broader backs are balcony or balconette’s these will give you wider set cups to suit your frame. Once you know your size you can check out Bra Stop as they have a large variety of beautiful lingerie at an affordable price.

Here are some examples of balconette and balcony bras…





Breast forms

To give you a beautiful feminine natural shape a breast form will do the trick, just like a mastectomy breast form. They are easy to insert in the bra and they are easy to care for.


  • You need a bra that fits snugly around the back & sits even from front to back.
  • Under wires must sit flush against your chest
  • Your whole breast in the Cup with NO spillage or gapping
  • You should be able to fit your finger under the straps
  • Finding the correct shaped bra for you is just as important as the Fit.
  • Quality materials not only look great but also ensure optimum comfort and support and a longer lasting bra. It will also give you shape and you won’t feel the need to rip your bra off the first chance you get!




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  • Charlotte Deneice Windham

    I am a m to female transgender woman,and I love every bra,corset,waist cincer I can find. I guess it’s a girls best friend. I want to transition fully,but I get a lot of flack from my family. I never feel comfortable till I am wearing my feminine clothes. I also love gaffs,and glue on breast that a lady can wear a week at the time,and look real. Kisses Charlotte

    • braqueen

      You must go with what feels right for you and your family will just have to deal with it, it must be tough to understand but it’s still you 🙂

      • Charlotte Deneice Windham

        Thanks dear.

  • oscar

    Hi well i’m male but have to wear a bra have for quite a while am on breastlife page mostly Ive many bra’s around 60 i guess some are a few of same one like the Asia elomi E/L3913 which fits and very nice as sits wider too.EL3911 is same but plain and have the blue bra in pics on here Paloma very nice and wearing now I’m 46D/44DD have mostly Elomi/Goddess bra’s but also have Empreinte and Prima Donna and many others i like the underwired mostly as they sit nice and found full cup style good like the Caitlyn/Keira/Kayla but also have the plunge cup like Betty/Madison/Jocelyn/Valentina/Lexi the only thing found originally with betty types was didn’t fill top of cup so well but now i have swelled up so to speak fits ok as ive had these since young but have Fibro/Raynauds got put on meds for them which caused many problems Amytriplyne messed my hormones up very low T etc plus have very high Prolactin from Pit tumor which makes nipples grow and very sensitive/sore so have to take care of them as get leaks etc
    I do have one bra which is quite discrete plus comfortable.Glamorise 1166 sports bra on the front has a 4 level hook system so on hook four pulled in more like a compression bra so can wear under T shirts etc.
    But do like finding new bra’s etc and yes have bottoms for many as well as G/F say’s if going to wear a bra atleast wear matching bottoms mind must admit a lot more comfortable than pants.

  • Emily


    I know this is an old post, but I’ve only just come across it.

    I’m just wondering if you can recommend/know of any stores in Melbourne that are transgender/crossdresser friendly? It is probably just me being an idiot, but I currently always shop in guy mode (not at the point where I’m comfortable going out in public just yet). I always feel uncomfortable going into stores, more because I don’t want to scare away customers than anything else. I usually make out it is for a gift and guess sizes and often end up with something that doesn’t fit, or buy online with the same results. I’ve tried following the fitting guides, but I’m wondering if it might be safer (and less expensive) to get a proper fitting in store to find the right fit.

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