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17 September 13

The Unsexy Side Of Lingerie…Loss Prevention & Theft

As shop owner something you need to think about is theft and shrinkage. It’s the element of business that has to be the least satisfying but still very important. Stock protection or loss prevention is an investment because it can save you a lot of money.

So what are your options?

They way I look at it the better your service the less risk you have of theft. The size and layout of your store comes into account as well.

Free ways to protect your stock and stop theft.

  1. Keep small items around your counter
  2. When you’re in fits stay on top of what they’re trying on and remove the unwanted items.
  3. Create a well thought though customer experience with many touch points so someone is always with them.
  4. Visual Merchandising can help or hinder theft in your shop. If your store is cluttered it is easier for people steal.

If theft is a big problem in your store then you may want to look at other solutions. The bigger the store the harder it is to monitor or if you don’t have a lot of staff it also becomes difficult. You have options.

You have RF Technology (radio frequency) and AM Technology (Acousto Magnetic)

Mark Green from Instore Technologies explains more…

Both RF and AM security solutions are two different technologies based on the same principals of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Security. EAS Security is the number one form of theft deterrent for retailers, it combines the use of security tags on garments that work in combination with security pedestals located at or within the store entrances.

retail theft

Apart from the obvious visual deterrent that EAS provides, it is the most effective solution that gives you real time notification of theft. By real time we mean that if stock is removed from the store without being paid for, the system located at the store exit sounds an alarm to alert staff as the theft is happening. CCTV requires staff to constantly watch a monitor or the recording after the event.

In regards to EAS and its different technologies, RF and AM provide slightly different options. The principal is the same (the garment is protected with a tag and a system will detect this tag if a sale is not processed and the tag removed.

Most loss prevention companies usually sell one of the other however we actually supply both so we can give you a totally unbiased view on what technology may suit a store best. For store owners deciding between an RF and AM solution it really comes down to the following:

--- Perhaps the most important aspect store owners would want to consider, in particular for lingerie is the security tag itself. The major difference between AM and RF is that AM uses the smallest tags available on the market.

--- Store entrance/doorway width also plays a major part in what system may be more suitable. RF systems need pedestals to be situated closer together in order to detect tags upon a potential thief leaving the store. AM is a little more advanced in the fact that even though it uses the smaller tags, the technology used in these tags and systems allows security pedestals at the doorway to be situated further apart.  AM systems are also available in a “Loop System”, this means that rather than having pedestals at the doorway, the system is instead concealed within the frame of the door, making it invisible.

--- Price! I’ll keep it short and sweet, given the points above and AM being slightly more advanced in its technology also means that it is slightly more expensive than RF.

In A Nutshell

Our personal experience over the past 13 years has told us that in particular for the lingerie industry AM is the preferred solution purely based on the size of the tag. It is the smallest available and is extremely lightweight; therefore whilst providing a deterrent it remains relatively unobtrusive on the garment and doesn’t drag. Our clients have made it very clear over the years that this is extremely important.

Having said that, everyone has their own opinion and RF certainly will do the job, there is train of thought that the bigger tag is not a bad thing as it provides a very obvious visual deterrent. Also the slightly cheaper solution makes this an appealing option.

Both solutions are very effective, they just have slightly different pros and cons, however ultimately they will both help minimise theft and turn revenue that is currently walking out the door into increased profits for store owners..


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