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14 October 13

The Problem With Retail Today

We have had a major shift in retail, the way people are buying and spending is significantly different to how we use to spend our money.


One major fact the people seem to forget about retail is that people are always going to wear clothes, buy bras and eat food. That will never ever change. We hear a lot of business owners talk about how “it’s tough out there” and “people just want to buy online.” Now you really sit back and take a breath, do you really think it’s so tough? Do you really think people prefer to buy online? Don’t be ridiculous!

People like convenience there is no denying that however show me a woman who doesn’t like the experience and the feeling she gets from shopping.

Now ask yourself one more thing, right here right now in this very moment is your life so tough? In the richness of now you don’t yearn for anything.

It is a cop out.

Old school thinking- I love hearing from people who have been in the industry for a long time. They have a lot of offer and give in regards to knowledge and experience. But sometimes these people can bring you down quicker then you can utter the words “How can I help you?”


Often they don’t evolve with time, they become stagnant in the thinking and in their business….Stubborn almost like they have to prove a point. Usually they love tell other people about how crap the economy is, or the government, or whatever else is standing in their way, which by the way is an optical illusion created by them and can removed at anytime.

So think twice before you listen and absorb their opinions, I know you feel their experience and wisdom should be respected and it should be. I have no judgments towards them nor should you, but we need to be selective to advice that’s given when they don’t understand you and your path.

Look at our great leaders of today not one has stayed stagnant. They all evolve to pride themselves on being the leaders within the industries.

That’s what every business needs to strive for, be a leader, be unique and evolve. There is no ONE model that is right everyone. Even if you sell the product because the WHY behind it is totally different.

In my 18 years of being in Retail the biggest lesson I have learnt is never follow always lead. Never go with the most obvious route because there is usually a smarter, savvier, strategic and more cost effective way to do it.

Build your foundations first and make it rock solid.

If you have a great product that you believe in, a business you believe in then anything is possible and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Don’t listen the noise and only seek advice from other people who are in the arena.


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