7 November 11

The Perfect Bra

If you could design the perfect bra what would the bra....

1. What would the bra do? (lift, support, comfort etc)

2. How would it look?

3. How would it feel?

4. How would the bra fit?

5. How would you wash it?

6. Any particular color, shapes or designs?


If you could wave a magic wand what would you create? Tell me in the comments below 🙂



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  • Robert

    Good question! If i could design my own bra,it would be a bra with full coverage with adjustable comfort straps with full support…
    My bra would be very pretty and lacy in design with a soft liner within the cups. It would feel soft and very comfortable wearing all day long…
    My bra would have a wide band with four hooks for a snug fit. It would be hand washed and air dried..
    There are so many pretty colors to choose from! Pink or purple are always my favorite colors….
    I do have a few go to bras! I think we all do! But,this would be my perfect bra…

  • My perfect bra would lift me up and support me so as to alleviate my back issues! Honestly, i’m not too concerned as to how it would look per se as long as with clothes on it gave me nice lines! It would me soft on my skin but still be firm enough to ‘hold me up’ and not show off ‘the high beams!!’ The bra would fit low on my back and comfortably on my shoulders without cutting in therefore probably have widish straps. I understand that good bra’s need to be either handwashed or washed in a bag so i’m ok with that, then happy to hang them on my delicates hanging rack. I love the nice simple colours, black, white & beige but my sexy colour is navy! 🙂

    • I LOVE the sound of that bra Jacinta and I think Navy is very sexy too 🙂

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