9 June 13

The Number One Bra Fitting App

Seven years ago when I first started in lingerie 8 out of 10 women were wearing the wrong bra size. Now seven years on those statistics have not changed! So I ask my self with all the information available and all the media around women and finding their bra size surely the statistics must improve? But they don’t and we see it all the time in the bra fitting rooms.

Is it that women don’t care about wearing a good fitting bra, they don’t want to get professionally fitted for whatever reason or they don’t have access to a professional fitter? So what if we took two of those scenarios and we offered a solution?

Australia’s first Bra Fitting App! It’s like your own virtual fitting room. Women can find their bra size and wearing a good fitting bra is more then the correct size, you need to find a bra shape that works for you as well because it will still give you discomfort if the shape doesn’t work.

With short videos that take you through the bra fitting process, a bra calculator that helps you find your bra size and it will even tell you your nearest stockists. All in ten minutes!

Together with Fine Lines Lingerie we present the Fine Lines Bra Fitting App that is ranked number one in the world and we are very proud of our virtual bra fitting room!

It’s a FREE App and you can download it from iTunes or for Android users you can download from Google Play


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