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28 September 11

The NEW Fine Lines Strapless YIPPEE!

Women the world over know that the silicone gripper tape that is often used to line a strapless bra or the edges of shapewear is irritating, sometimes itchy or uncomfortable and most of the time, you still find yourself pulling up that strapless bra that is meant to stay up!
Consumers, and we’re amongst them, have always thought that when a garment has this silicone or gripper, it will naturally stay in place – no more pulling up a strapless bra. Sad to say, this is not the case.
Cue Finelines….and their new range of strapless bras that have NO SILICONE OR GRIPPER. Gone are the days of gripper pulling at body hair, due to their superior fit, and as the most preferred strapless bra brand in Australia, Finelines is the perfect brand to have created this new range.
Many women do not like wearing silicone or gripper next to the skin, and don’t like the firm adhesive feeling. Finelines Elegance Strapless Bra and the Memory Strapless Bra have been created to meet a demand by the consumer for strapless bras that are comfortable and can be worn all day without irritation.
Both styles are held up using firm, yet soft innovative new elastics and are combined with new technology moulding techniques.
It’s as simple and clever as that!
The range of strapless bras are a tight enough fit that the bra stays up without anything else required, whilst remaining super comfortable.

The Elegance Strapless Bra RRP $44.95
The elastic is encased inside the garment so it feels great against the body, with its low cut front is perfect for a hot summer dress!
- cotton lined
- boost inside so it creates the perfect yet flattering pushed up shape
- a one piece moulded garment creates totally smooth sleek lines under clothing

The Memory Strapless Bra RRP $44.95
Is the perfect bra to wear all day every day!!
- a super soft elastic in the wings, combined with memory foam contour moulds that as they warm up conform to your shape.

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