23 December 14

The Global Lingerie Industry Revenue & Buying Trends

I recently wrote an article for The Lingerie Journal talking about the global lingerie industry. We featured the buying trends, the current revenue within the lingerie industry and the comparisons within the industry globally.

Extensive research went into this article and it was fascinating what I discovered and later found out that many brands experienced the same thing. Saying they look at the USA industry and the direction because they are so much more advanced than Australia.

the global lingerie industry


Globally, the lingerie industry has revenue of $32 billion with America having 40% of the market share.

The USA leads the trend in world lingerie whereby they view lingerie as fashion not just a necessity. However following the recession and weak spending conditions consumers confidence lowered as did disposable income, that seen a decease in sales in recent years. Nonetheless innovation and their love for fashion is adhering to cater to America’s changing demographics and the lingerie industry are expected to drive the industry forward in the coming years.

Research shows us that American women view lingerie as a fashion item, in comparison to Australian women who view lingerie more as a necessity. Where Asian women prefer to buy high end lingerie and spend more money per set then both USA and Australia.

You can read the full article here. 

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