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10 September 13

Target Launch Their New Suck Me In Dress

In the passed few years shapewear has fast tracked is way into every womans lingerie drawer around the globe. Sarah Blakely is self made billionaire with her suck-me-in-undies SPANX.

GOK has been pimping….I mean promoting  Targets new Sculpt Dress that I had no idea about until I was invited to check it out.


So off I went to the launch of Target’s new Sculpt Dress. Which is designed to contour your body, in other words it has built in shapewear so it flattens your tummy, slims your thighs, hips and butt.

I tried on a size 14 and it fit great and it looked really good (even if I do say so myself) It accommodated my gigantic breasts and usually I find shapewear uncomfortable (rides up…rolls down) but I wasn’t uncomfortable in the Sculpt Dress at all and it stayed in place, no readjusting needed!

I quite liked the black one with the striped panel because it worked well with my curves but they have few different styles and patterns. My blogging friend Norlin tried it as well, she is very slender and she looked lovely in it. So it’s not just for curvy ladies it will work on any body shape.

What I like about Targets Sculpt Dress is:

  • Easy to wash and wear
  • No ironing needed
  • Simple but flattering shapes and colors that are current trends. Not to out there so no one would know it’s from Target.
  • It’s only $59 so well priced for a wardrobe staple.


GIVEAWAY TIME: Target would love to give you a $50 giftcard so you can buy your very own Sculpt Dress! Write in comment section below in 25 words or less about YOUR shapewear story! Do you like you, loathe it or do you have a funny story?


Australian residents only, sorry. Entries close 13/ 09/ 2013

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  • Smooth shapewear shorts, a slightly too large skirt, the result, my skirt fell down in the middle of the street. Ooops!
    Imogen Lamport recently posted..Psychology of Colour – Red

    • Oh nice look nice Imogen! Hahaha. I’ve been at a wedding and realised my control shorts were hanging out :-/ Oh dear!

  • I was wearing a fitted skirt and top with high waisted sucky inny pants on… the top of the pants kept rolling down and I had a visible lump at the top of my skirt, which accentuated the bits I was trying to hide!!
    Kellie (stylishkellie) recently posted..Free Toys R Us Disney Princess Party

    • YES! Like the ones that suck in and then it all spills out the top and/or bottom….

  • My friend Imogen introduced me to shapewear a few years ago – my word what a difference a smooth contour makes, I love it! Bring it on!!!

    • It does make a big difference! I don’t expect miracles however a smooth outline I like 🙂


  • In a supermarket, my then 9 year old following me around and INSISTING I was having another baby.

    I kept quietly muttering out the side of my mouth with “no, really, I’m not” and he would not let up, so sure was he.

    Eventually, at the deli section, I lost it, turned on him and yelled “I’M NOT HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I’M JUST FAT, OKAY?”

    The other patrons were most entertained.

  • jellypop

    At a wedding and one of the ladies was dancing up a storm lifting her dress and all everyone could see was her suck me in knicker/long shorts & she did not care one bit was hilarious. (sorry longer than 25 words)!!

    • Maybe that’s the trick, just embrace it 🙂

  • Johanna

    I have never tried any kind of shape wear, but how good would this be for a lovely summer dress, for that special day or night!!
    Ticks all the boxes, sounds great!

  • Kym Westwood

    I find it soooo difficult to find shapewear that fits me comfortably. They ALWAYS roll down on me and my boobs don’t fit. They get squashed or hang out everywhere giving me muffin tops all over the place. By the sounds if it this new target shape dress sounds fabo. I would LOVE to try it.

    • Kym Westwood you are the WINNER! I will email you to get your details 🙂


  • Chris Owen

    Son’s wedding. Need to look my best. Shapewear like a flattening corset. Extends about 10″ Ends up rolled into tight 2″ band. Gave up!

  • Julie

    I just can’t my mum wore shape wear and I swore off them at very young age
    I must say the shape dress has more appeal x

  • Oh dear..Am I really going to share this?!

    OK, well I’m going to share how my man first got into my pants…But hold up..It’s NOT what you think!

    I was a Guest Speaker at an event for which he was doing the AV(Audio Visual). So when it came time to mic me up he had to hook the battery pack somewhere.

    The fabric on my suit pants was too soft..But he noticed that the fabric under my suit pants seems much firmer and he politely asked if he could hook the battery pack onto my under garment instead.

    Now what’s a girl to do?

    With only 5 mins left to go before I had to be on stage, with no other options…I held my breath, closed my eyes with dread (I was facing away from him) and said super casually… “Sure!”

    Inside I was thinking..

    ‘Upside..There’s something to hook my mic battery pack on. Downside..The HOTTEST guy on the planet is about to see the BIGGEST NANNA pants I own!

    Once it was all done, I turned around very red faced, inwardly hoping in desperation….’Maybe he didn’t notice?!”

    He didn’t say anything at the time.

    But 6 years on..

    He still reminds me of the first time he got into my pants, and the trauma it caused him! 😉

    Whilst I had been thinking “Maybe he didn’t notice..?!” He had been thinking…

    “WTF! VERY hot girl…VERY BIG UN-hot NANNA pants?!”

    I’m so grateful shapewear has come such a long way since then! Getting sexier by the day.



    • LOL Lisa that is TOO FUNNY! What a great story and I am so glad that he could look past the Nanna knickers 🙂


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