16 December 13

Target’s 50 Shades Of Grey Lingerie Collection

I have a confession to make and it was like a guilty pleasure.

I read the complete series of 50 Shades Of Grey and enjoyed it! (gasp)

So when I discovered that Target where launching a 50 Shades Of Grey Lingerie collection I was curious to see what it was going to be like. It would have to be sexy, classy and great quality otherwise Christian would never put Ana in anything cheap and nasty.

I had to bring in my models to road test the range because they don’t fit my ginormous breasts.  The quality is actually really good (I admit I was surprised) and the range itself is quite well thought out. For example depending on your skin tone or your thought on what sexy is for you there is something for you.

There is a beautiful blue story that will suit certain skin tones and it’s quite feminine and “girlie” you might say. The red and black story is striking and oozes passion. The corsets are well structured, as are the bras both providing a nice shape. Finding the perfect lingerie set for you will depend on your breast shape so try a few to see which one works for you.

Overall I was really impressed with the collection and the attention to detail is good.

The images are empowering and not disempowering women which I love and that makes me happy!

Your thoughts?

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