2 January 12

Don’t Even Think About Heading Into Summer Without These

So before we go into exactly what bras you need going into Summer lets recap on how it needs to fit.


Bra Shapes

  • The first thing women need to know is that a bra shape is just as important as the bra fit. So always look for a shape that is suited to your body shape. When you put on a bra you don’t want to have to think about it or adjust it through out the day.


Bra Fit

  • Underwires must sit flush against your chest
  • The band should fit snugly on the loosest hook and sit even from front to back
  • Your nipple should be half way between your elbow and shoulder
  • There should be no spillage or gapping in the cups
  • You need to be able to fit 2 fingers under the straps


Bra Essentials

  • A good plunge bra is a must have for every lingerie drawer.

-I recommend the new Kayser Bombshell Bra for A to D Cups it adds an extra 2 cup sizes to your cleavage, it gives you a beautiful round shape and the padding is really soft so it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. The Bombshell bra is great value with a RRP $27.95.

- For larger cup sizes I love Deco by Freya. It has great lift, shape and it is extremely comfortable to wear. It goes up to a GG cup and the RRP $79.95

  • A strapless bra- Having a good strapless bra allows you to wear a variety of clothes.

-          My all time favourite for larger cup sizes is the Elomi Occassions. It’s a corset so it is able to support you and the weight off your breasts. Larger cup sizes have never been able to wear a strapless dress because they can’t wear a strapless bra however this bra supports you just as much as your everyday bra. Because it is a corset it also smoothes out your shape. It’s more expensive because it is a bustier but worth every penny RRP $149.95

-          For smaller cups Fines Lines has just launched a new strapless bra that has no adhesive materials so therefore you will have no rubbing and irritations just support, lift and comfort. Fines Lines have a great collection at an affordable price.

  • A sexy set- Every women needs to have a matching lingerie set because it’s a small thing that you can do that makes you feel great, even if its for yourself.

-          I love Mimi Holliday, the shape of their bras are like no other. They really understand the female form so it’s really where style meets comfort.

-          For larger cups Panache, Freya, Fantastie and Elomi are my favourites.

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