15 June 11

Spring Clean Your Lingerie Drawer

When is it time for a new bra?

How often should you buy a new?

How often should you get Professionally Fitted for a bra?

I was talking to the Canadian sensation and super intelligent, delightful and inspirational girls from The Bra Lounge today and of course it’s warm Canada which often means women are spring cleaning their lingerie drawers.

Often women have our workhorse bras….the ones that we work hard like a slave, it’s our comfortable testy bra that we wear all the time. Is it as supportive as it should be or as it used to be?

How to get the most out off your bra?

If you’ve had your bra for a while usually the first thing to go is the band, it stretches and doesn’t support us like it should.

  1. Stand side on looking in the mirror and see if your bra is riding up your back? If your bra band isn’t sitting even from front to back it’s too big. Try tightening the hooks so wearing it on the tightest hook instead of the loosest. If you invest in an expensive bra it maybe worthwhile getting it adjusted and taken in at the back. It’s quite easy to do.The Straps- Most women never tighten the straps, your bra straps stretch too so it’s important for comfort and support to adjust them as soon as you have to re adjust your bra through out the day.
  2. If your bra is still riding up your back or your bra straps are falling down then it is time to buy a new bra; Always check the cups to ensure there is no spillage or gapping. Most bras are designed to last around 12 months so it is recommended you get professionally fitted at least every 12 months.


# Cheap bras will only last around 3 months so you will have to invest more regularly.

# If you have gained weight or lost weight then you will have to be re fitted to find your new bra size.

# I always like to be stocked with my bra Must Haves at bare minimum.


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