23 April 12

The Best Sports Bra For Larger Cups & Plus Size Women

Did you know that a woman’s bust can move up to 10cms while exercising? Crazy.

It has often baffled me that women with large breasts, the women really who need support don’t have many sports bras available to them. Every where we go we hear about how obesity is at an all time high and we need to exercise, I’m sorry have you felt the weight of these puppies…it hurts!

If your bra size is beyond an E Cup and god forbid if you’re over a size 18 it’s near impossible to find a sports bra for larger cup sizes and plus size women. If you’ve watched The Biggest Loser then you will see that women are nearly knocking themselves out by the bounce of their breasts.


So what is the best Sports Bra for larger cups and plus size women, are we doomed to live a life of a 10cm bounce factor and must we continue to wear 2 bras at a time AND a crop top just to minimise the bounce? No.


We have been conducting a Sports Bra Campaign to find the best Sports Bra for larger cup sizes and plus size women. We asked you what was your favourite sports bra was and we also had our professional fitting team give us their favourites, then we created our top 6 sports bras for larger cups and plus size women.


We have been trialling them over a 4 week period to let you now which Sports bra we liked the best and how each one faired. They will be revealed over the next coming weeks, the bras we have been reviewing are-


  1. Elomi Lingerie Energise
  2. Panache Lingerie Sports bra
  3. Freya Lingerie Active Soft Cup
  4. Freya Lingerie Active Underwire
  5. Freya Lingerie Moulded
  6. Moving Comfort Jubralee


Stay tuned for the results.


Oooo the first review is live! Check out the Elomi Energise Sports Bra Review


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  • Judi

    I’ve tried the Panache & the Freya – both ordered online from a place in Melbourne, & while they were marvellously comfortable when I first put them on, I found moving in them was extremely restrictive. For me, they were both too wide across the front, above the actual breast (the “high breast” measurement area, in front of my arms), & I couldn’t move my arms forward at all.

    I have the situation (that I know a lot of women have) where I have full breast tissue going under my arms & definitely need widely spaced underwires, but manufacturers seem to also think that means that the front of your chest is very broad too.

    I did eventually find a sports bra that held me quite firmly (without restricting my movement) & added a “compression” sports crop top over the top. There was still some movement, but it was “with” me, not “against” me.

    • Heyya,

      I am so glad you found one that works for you! The Elomi Sports Bra is also very good. Yes you definately want a bra that works with you 🙂


  • Kirren

    I am a big girl with big boobies to match, finding bras that are comfortable for everyday wear is hard enough, let alone finding ones that serve a specific purpose. Luckily for me, I found the Bendon “Extreme Out” sports bra about 3 years ago. They are so comfortable! I wear them as everyday bras. The combination of the thick straps and the cushioned wire make an incredible difference. I would swear by them, as well as recommend them for others. Unfortunately, I’ve been advised that Bendon is discontinuing this line, so now I’m left with either buying as many of them as possible before they disappear, or finding another bra that will be just as comfortable 🙁

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