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29 June 11


This is an extremely stressful time in retail and I know you are worried about online shopping, job losses, the Australian dollar, people coming in to try on garments only to buy online and the media isn’t helping the issue buy stamping it all over place about online stores being so much cheaper and easier. It’s tough and an extremely scary time awaits us, I know me personally, I am frightened about small retail businesses and their future. But not for the reasons you may think….

Your business will only suffer if you continue to pull the wool over your eyes.


Fight back, because you’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is and it is not over yet. Wake up because this is a new economy and an exciting time to be in business.

  • You must educate yourself and learn how people want to shop
  • Educate your customers about the benefits of coming in store
  • Continue to grow and understand how social media can be your friend.

1. How Do People Want To Shop

People want trust, a relationship, a service, a guarantee and they want a variety of goods available to them. Do you think people really started to shop online because of price? No, people started to shop online way before the Aussie Dollar was at an all time high. They buy online because there is much more available to them, a variety which is what Australian Retailers are lacking. Think about every shopping centre… they're same…same shops with the same things in them. No variety.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

  • Side note- Most fashion, in particular lingerie is not that much cheaper then it is in stores. At first glance it is however you go through to that check out and there maybe a $10 difference.

2. Educate Your Customers


As I mentioned above there really isn’t a significant saving in buying lingerie in particular online. Once all the extras are added on you’ll be surprised how little difference there is. So we can educate our customers on that.

Monitor the % of people using your time and fitting rooms solely to then buy online, if it’s a small percentage then don’t worry they aren’t your customer anyway. Remember this has always happened in business only now we are much more aware of it.

I believe that the media needs to start working more with businesses and educating the consumers on how crucial it is to support our local businesses online and off.

Most people still want a great service so go that extra mile and they will be loyal to you but you have to give them a reason to be loyal. Offer incentives like loyalty programs, rewards programs and referral programs.

If we all work on educating as many people as we can then eventually our message will be heard.



Years ago we lived in a very tight knit community where we all knew so much about each other and what we did. Over time we got busy and we drifted apart because we had no time to spend with each other. We missed that closeness didn’t we?

That’s why social media is so popular, not because of technology and because we are different people. It’s because we want what we used to have…that closeness and knowing what your children are up too, funny things that happened to you and we can share and be apart of each others lives again and congratulate you when you achieve wonderful things and say I’m so sorry when something bad has happened….Because we care.

That is the essence of social media but instead of being over the phone, over a coffee or in a car park its done online.

Being in business now is about diversifying your income, instead of it going into your shop and into your register. It will still come via your cash register however now it will also be via your online store and now facebook.

The good thing about the new economy is it’s so much cheaper then traditional business. Think of it as word of mouth on steroids.




There is enough success in this world for every body, the beauty about the new economy is we work together and grow. It’s not about aggressive sales and aggressive competition. Yes those people still exist but not in your world if you choose to have an abundance mindset. The aggressive, sneaky backstabbing businesses are few and far between and now they sink quicker then ever before.

It’s an exciting time to be in business!

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