13 June 12

Sleeping Maternity Bras

Do you wear one? Did you wear a sleeping maternity bra when you were pregnant or breast feeding? I didn’t, mainly because I couldn’t find one that would support my humongous breasts and one that was comfortable. Some say that wearing a sleeping bra stops your girls from sagging which is always a good thing.

Cake Lingerie has released their new maternity bra called Cotton Candy which is dubbed “A sleeping bra” and it has matching bottoms as well. My thoughts-

Bra Review Cake Lingerie Seamless Cotton Candy

Cost- $54.90

Lift- 7/10

Separation- 7/10

Quality- 10/10

Shape- 7/10

Material- 10/10

Appearance- 10/10

Over All-  8.5/10

Overall Comments- The material used in this bra is so divine, the structure is great and surprisingly supportive for a bra that has no seams, no boning and no underwire. OK, you wouldn’t run a marathon in it however it is designed and made for the initial stages of pregnancy, immediately post childbirth and as a sleep-bra, when your breasts are rapidly changing in size & shape. So for that purpose it is a winner! It’s nice to just wear a bra that is really comfortable and still gives you support. You know when you get home and you want to take your bra off but you don’t want to walk around bra free? This is the perfect bra to put on when you get home and you want uber comfort.

Comes in S, M, L, XL so the sizing is easy

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  • Sara

    I struggled post my first daughter looking for a descent sleep bra to, in particular, hold breast pads in place as I leaked qute a lot at night and never found one. (2008) This year I purchased 3x Target maternity sleep bras that appear similar to the one you are reviewing here. They are awesome. Fantastic in hospital and at home for sleep and lazy days. The only thing is the quality. They are getting a bit worn out after 4 months but then they only cost me $30 for 3 so I can’t complain. More options in this area are badly needed!!!

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes it has been lacking hasn’t it but it’s always good to see more options available too us.


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