14 August 12

Should Wholesalers Sell Online?

Last Friday Pleasure State announced the opening of their online store. This sparked the old debate on whether or not Wholesalers should be selling online. There is no denying that Retailers are not happy and are fearful of the outcome.

While we can not stop the evolution of the internet and the way people are buying I do believe that we can work together to support both Wholesalers and Retailers.


  1. What would you be open too?
  2. What are your thoughts on this matter?
  3. Do you have any ideas as to how we can create a win win?
  4. Would you be OK with it, if they sold it out the RRP?
  5. What if they only sold old stock?

What I wanted to do is create a space for Retailers to openly discuss their thoughts, opinions and concerns on this matter. Your voice will be heard and respected; you can remain anonymous if you wish but I encourage you to speak out.


I am not going to talk too much on this matter because I want the conversation to happen in the comment section.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • It does scream of having your cake and eating it too. I loathe the idea.
    Soon distributors will be a thing of the past and if wholesalers have their way, so will the retailers.
    If wholesalers want bricks and mortar to survive in order to properly show their wares, they would do well to forge and maintain good relationships with their retail customers.
    Wholesalers who fail to protect retailers will lose their custom.
    A lose lose situation in my opinion.

  • Hey Michelle,

    I know we have seen this several times in business over the years, really even before the internet. Large chains cutting out wholesalers and making their own labels. But surely there is a way we can help each other? I beleive their is enough success in the world for everybody so with a well thought out business model Retailers will be fine and successful even if the wholesaler does sell online. However I do question the importantance of the relationship in this situation.

    What fuels it, is it good business or greed?
    Bra Queen recently posted..Should Wholesalers Sell Online?

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