9 November 11

Sell The Way They Want To Buy

You train hard to win easy. When it comes to selling there are two choices in the selling process.

Push Selling   

Product/Service Focus

Learned Sales

Process with a textbook



Pull Selling

Client outcome focus

Structured but conversational

Stimulate, Demonstrate value, Activate

Are you easy to buy from? We have spoken about Know. Like. Trust and creating a sales journey, however there are three more fundamentals to your selling success.

  • Likeability- Your customers need to like you
  • Urgency- Create a “must have” experience for example, seasonal lines
  • Consistency- Be consistent in ALL areas of your business from your admin and marketing to your level of service.
  • Knowledge- Product knowledge is crucial however take it one step further and ensure all employees know what is expected and why. In all areas of your business, because a confused mind NEVER buys.

Have a 3 step qualifier- In your sales journey create 3 questions you can ask that identifies your customer’s needs. For example-

  1. I wonder if I can ask you a few questions…
  2. If you are online, aim to have everything 2 clicks away then have prompts on every page on their next step.
  3. Never assume what people want and need.

By doing this you are gaining clarity around what it is your customers want and need then deliver it to them promptly and efficiently. The biggest mistake most people make is they don’t like to ask questions in fear of appearing unprofessional and lacking in knowledge, however it is quite the opposite because people like to feel heard and respected.

  1. Solve their problem
  2. Lower their risk
  3. Be on their page

Target the right audience, speak to them in their language and you will increase your strike rate.

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