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20 April 16

Body Shaming, Judgment And The High Road

Sometimes it feels like with all the amazing work people are doing around self-acceptance, we still never really ‘get’ anyway…

People in the media still say stupid things, people still judge, woman still hate their body’s and the unhealthy obsession on the next fad diet continues…

The Biggest Loser Personal trainer and creator of the 12 week body transformation (12WBT), Michelle Bridges was interviewed on the Australian Story and said “I have never met a happy obese person.” It sent social media and the morning radio shows into a frenzy.

The comment is a huge generalisation and absolutely the journalist asked a specific question, however in that moment Michelle Bridges had a choice and she caved into a frequency that I don’t dare go, because it’s too ugly and totally unnecessary.

We all know people of all shapes and sizes that are both happy and unhappy. Yes there may be an underlying reason as to why they overeat and binge or whatever else might be masking an emotional reason as to why they do it. Is it so different from why a person might drink to excess or why someone has an unhealthy addiction to the gym?

Either way, who are we to past judgment? We don’t know their soul contract, their history or their reasoning.

You know, in the past, I would have gone on and on about this… but right now, I don’t even want to give it energy… because I have a choice in this moment, like Michelle did, like the journalist did and like you do right now… Only this time let’s take the high road.


Body Shaming, Judgement, Michelle Bridges


It has taken me all of life to not look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see, not want to fix it in some way, not want to lose weight, tone some part of my body and change something… Seriously, what the fuck?

Going from every diet, every cleanse, every craze and every fad… I have done it. For years I slogged my body out at the gym and spent way too much time and energy focused on what was going in my body. Was I a “happier” person, NO!

Today I am flicking the switch, because my girls ask me everyday “Mum, is this healthy?” and I don’t even mention food in terms of healthy and unhealthy or whether someone is overweight or underweight… because we are who we are and eat real food. They are learning that from avenues that are outside my control, so the least I do is offer them and show a different perceptive…

In every moment I am going to honour my body, love my body and nurture my body. When I look in the mirror, I am going to feel, think and express my love and appreciation for it. I am not going to count calories, not eat or worry and second guess every THING I do… I can’t. It’s ridiculous. It is not necessary. I am taking the pressure off myself and in doing so; I wholeheartedly believe that I will stop harbouring and hoarding energy I don’t need.

Instead, I am going to move my body in a way that feels good, for me.

For me, that is walking in nature, swimming and yoga. I am going to feel and listen to what food my body is asking for and honour that… and not have ANY guilt around what goes in my mouth because I know it is serving and fuelling my soul.

When I see other people I am going to trust that they are doing the same thing and give love to that…


All of sudden the world is beautiful place…


Wanna join me?



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