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18 November 16

Selecting Lingerie For A Boudoir Lingerie Photo Shoot

Let’s get real, when are we really going to love ourselves enough?

 How do you really feel when you look in the mirror?

 Recently I was having a conversation and they asked me “Why did you choose lingerie?”

The answer is simple, yet it means something so deep it makes the earth move. It is really not about a “bra” it’s about feeling alive from the inside out and lingerie gives that to people. Lingerie makes everyone feel better, whether they are the ones wearing it or not, both male and female.

You get to express who you really are and that means something, your happiness. If there is something small that you could do to make yourself feel good everyday, you would do it right? Lingerie gives you that. THAT is why I choose lingerie.

Embracing and celebrating you as you are right now no matter who you are or what you look like.

Every body deserves to feel good in their own skin, yet why do we spend so much longing and wishing to look different to how we do?

It’s madness and it has to stop, because no one wins and life is to be lived, not spent obsessing about what we look like or don’t look like.

 A boudoir lingerie photo-shoot is the most empowering way to do this, even if the images are just for you. It is the most amazing experience!


Side note: There is no wrong or right here, this is about celebrating YOU and your uniqueness, so you can see how wonderful you really are and the lingerie that is an extension of that. If you haven’t taken the super quick, fun quiz do it now and you will know what to hone in on.



I love that you are confident enough within yourself to experiment and you allow yourself to be free. Embrace your wild and free side, because you are a powerhouse. You are a strong, determined woman who knows what she wants and you know how to stand and be in your power in order to make it happen.

Look for lingerie that you can put on in the morning and gives you confidence throughout the day. Look for divine materials, strong shapes and sensual colours. Introduce some corsets and lingerie sets that are a little daring…

For smaller cup sizes…





Jardin Imperial By Maison Close



For larger cup sizes…


Scantilly by Curvy Kate Vamp Balconette Bra Black


Forbidden Half by Pour Moi

Pour Moi_forbidden-cherry-660066046607

Carmen Rose by Pour Moi




Look for simplicity in lingerie, solid colours with maybe a nice trim and is made with nice material that feels great on your skin. Nothing too frilly or has too much lace.

Simple and elegant will make you feel amazing and you will still feel comfortable.

Don’t forget the matching knickers! I know you may want to side step that, but please TRY IT!

For smaller cup sizes…

Nouvelle By ADDICTION 


 Edie Teddy By Eberjey

EBERJEY Edie Teddy

Olivia Humming By Stella McCartney

STELLA MCCARTNEY Olivia Humming Bodysuit


For larger cup sizes…


Yolanda by Elomi Lingerie


Freya Idol

freya idol

Izzy by Elomi Lingerie




You want to feel amazing and sometimes forgo comfort and support so you can have pretty and cute, but I really want to introduce you to lingerie where you can have both cute and supportive. You like matching knickers, but don’t always wear matching.

Look lingerie that is an extension of your bright personality: Frills, cute little bottoms; striking colours and may like patterns and floral prints.


Just remember not to sacrifice the fit for fashion you can have both!


For smaller cup sizes…

 Wild Strawberry By Mimi Holliday


Night Mist by MYLA





For larger cup sizes…

Curvy Kate Cabaret Plunge Bra

cabaret_suspender scantilly tales lingerie

Siren by Freya Lingerie


Peek a boo by Scantilly




Your profession is lucky to have you a part of it and you are contributing to it in an amazing way. You will make a difference and will continue to do so by being mindful, wholehearted and connecting in an authentic genuine way.

Look for succulent materials like, satin, silk or soft, elegant modern lace that is well made really well. Quality material and a well-structured bra will ensure your support, comfortable and empowered everyday. I know you like matching knickers, try buying 2 bottoms to every bra and you’re lingerie drawer will work better for you.


For smaller cup sizes…

Burgundy By Fleur Of England


Veronique by Journelle


Sensu By Bordelle



For larger cup sizes…

Contradiction by Pour Moi

Pour moi contradiction

All Wrapped Up by Scantilly


Unleash by Scantilly


Remember: You can always choose a beautiful babydoll or chemise as well!

Enjoy and let us know how you go!

All smaller cup lingerie is from Journelle.

All larger cup lingerie is from BraStop.

Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.


Need help finding your bra size?

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