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14 August 13

What’s HOT in Lingerie Next Season?

I have to say that it is SO GOOD to have some kind of lingerie presence in our tradeshows. It has been quite a number of years since we have had that kind of presence. OK so it was a little smaller then Curve NY’s 350 lingerie exhibitors but still great to be immense in what was there!

I commend Frontline for recognising that the lingerie sector needs growth and presence. May they have the passion to continue to grow it and it becomes an entity in its own right.

As an overall I fell in love with the color for next season and I do believe that all the brands have created something amazing for their existing and new customers.

What Hot?

You will see a lot of color in lingerie next season especially beautiful shades of blue and green as well as gorgeous shades of pink. I will take you through in the order I went through at the show!

Ginger Lilly.

Our ever growing sleepwear company are renowned for their succulent materials. They have quite a soft feminine feel to their sleepwear but next season we will see that feminine touch with a twist!

Next season Ginger Lilly was inspired by the use of animal print but it’s not the leopard print you maybe thinking it is, instead a really nice elegant print that has the under tones of animal print so it is very ‘on’ brand.

The stand outs for me were their mens range and the orange sleepwear set with the black and white just pops, it’s a great color palette.


Secret Weapons

I love and admire Secret Weapons for their dedication to fulfilling a gap in every retailers sales funnel and catering for all those little things women need but can’t always find.

They still have all of our favourite Secret Weapons items like their body tape, bra clips and who can forget their chicken fillets!

They have a couple of new additions to their collection that I like.

A clutch that holds your smartphone as well as cash, cards and keys! And hold up flats! They have a really good tread on them so you won’t go belly up and they are super cute.


Next stop was Bendon and after the social media frenzy last week with their distasteful image I published it made me chuckle. For the Fayreform, Bendon, Lovable, Elle MacPherson and Pleasure State fans next season is on brand and the colorway on season. No real stand out’s to be honest but I see them as mainstream products so no real surprises there.



All things Panache Lingerie

I was first greeted with Masquerade and they have the same reliable well structured bras in the latest colors and divine prints.

Moving onto Sculptresse Panache’s relatively new plus size collection, it goes up to a 24 and a J Cup. I am sure they will be well received in the market.

Cleo, as you may know I am new fan of Cleo as it seems by breasts don’t want to stop growing and now I am entering HH Cups. Popped is an under statement, these colors go Kapow! So for girls who like a vibrant, colourful, quirky bra you will love Cleo lingerie’s next season.

Followed by all of Panache’s favourites in new exciting colors and a great swimwear range as well that I will cover in another post.

350 Bras

I first meet 350 bras earlier in the year and I must say I really like them; the engineering behind them is quite remarkable. The give the ultimate lift for smaller cups sizes, a great push up bra that does much much more but again I will cover that in another post.

They have a really pretty colorway!


Now Amoena are like the poster brand for all things mastectomy, their dedication to offering breast cancer survivors a great range of mastectomy bras, swimwear and basics essentials like singlets is inspiring.

They have launched a mastectomy collection that is sexy as well as your everyday essentials. The swimwear is really lovely, their singlets and basic essentials are made with breast forms in mind so the breast form is always covered.

Magnolia Lounge

This is a sleepwear collection I haven’t seen before and I don’t know too much about them yet but I couple of things caught my eye!

Tutti Rouge

Is a new addition to Intimate Apparel Australia previously known as Kas Distribution, they are hot in the UK and they have very few stockists in Oz. I do hope Kas works hard for this brand and gets Tutti Rouge well represented in the Australian market because it is really a beautiful collection.


Last but not least Eveden (Wacoal)

Now one thing all brands can learn from Eveden is the importance of seeing it on the body. For two reasons, one we can see how it looks and it is way more entertaining and enjoyable!

Hats off to Janine and girls because the work they have put into Eveden and growing this massive collection is seriously amazing. They now have a huge 12 collections under their umbrella including Elomi, Freya, Fanastie, Goddess, Huit, Be tempted, Wacoal and their swimwear lines.

This collection is so big it really needs individual posts so for an overall let me just say the color and prints are just beautiful, there is something for everyBODY. For now I will give you my favorites and what I was excited about watching the show.

Freya is launching two bras I am really excited about.

They are releasing a bra the has a side panel, now I love a side panel in a larger cup size bras because they give awesome forward projection and create a beautiful round shape.

A new sports bra and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it. Often the best sports bras don’t have enough room to tighten the straps so if you have small shoulders or high set breasts they don’t last very long because you can’t tighten the shoulders straps.




What do you like the look of?




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  • I’d never come across Secret Weapons before – awesome idea.
    I always love your posts – all of that gorgeous lingerie makes me drool!
    jo casey recently posted..The Silver Linings Of Burnout

  • Kat

    i love what you do! do you need an extra wardrobe just for lingerie??! i would totally need one if I did what you do!
    Kat recently posted..How to Reprogram Your Mind for Automatic Happiness and Prosperity

  • Thanks Jo! I know right, I am like a kid in a candy store at lingerie shows 🙂

    Yes Secret Weapons are such a wonderful company and they are super nice too boot!

    BraQueen recently posted..What’s HOT in Lingerie Next Season?

  • LOL Kat! My lingerie drawer is pretty big 🙂

    I love what I do too! Haha

    BraQueen recently posted..What’s HOT in Lingerie Next Season?

  • Hey A colleague told me its a must read your blog. Great Read I’m happy she told me to stop by or I would have never read this. This is a topic that I’ve read alot about and I appreciate the time you took the write the article awesome job. I’ll definately come back to read your next one, OH!, and I hope you have a nice day!.

  • Nicola

    Love those Secret Weapons fold-up flats! They have been such a lifesaver for me as I am no longer a full-time high heel wearer!

  • Yes they’re pretty cool Nicola aren’t they!

    BraQueen recently posted..What’s HOT in Lingerie Next Season?

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