13 July 11

The Shift Movement

Business is changing and there has been a massive shift in the economy and to be perfectly honest with you, I do believe that Retail will be hit the hardest….If we let it.

Over the next couple of years we will see businesses either sink or swim, this audio is my thought process on the new economy. The shift in retail as we know it and how we can move with it.

I recorded a recent brainstorming session we had about the new movement and the new economy. I was going to edit it and re record it however I decided not too…why? Because I wanted you to hear my thought process at such a raw stage, you see I believe that sometimes you have to take a risk and be vulnerable. By me publishing this after just ONE draft with no editing this is me…just me and my passion doing what I love. Is it perfect? Hell no, there are pauses, a stutter and a repeat of words but it is real, uncut, authentic with a powerful message that I do hope you enjoy.


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  • Well said Renee. Once again, you are inspiring us to go forward, to move, to change and to venture in order to gain. Love it.

  • Thanks Michelle! I am so glad you are creating something awesome 🙂


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