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10 March 15

The Reality Of Bra Shopping In Australia.

Our research shows the majority of Australian women view lingerie as a necessity.  Which differs from our international sisters.

This is something I have known for a long time, even before our research because that is why our bra-fitting app is so popular.

9 years ago, 8/10 women wore the wrong bra size and 9 years later the stats are the same… which means Australian women either-

  1. Don’t care
  2. Don’t have access to a store
  3. Don’t feel comfortable in the fits.


Lingerie for quote


The lingerie industry in Australia is very small in comparison to the USA and the UK, but our population is also much smaller. Now it’s still a $194 million industry so that isn’t a small number.

Cotton On Body and Bra ‘n’ Things dominate the marketplace, Target and MYER coming in a next. Independent retailers then make up for the rest (Yes there are some other retailers in the mix like Kmart, Big W etc.)

This is where I know my job here is not done… in a country as big as Australia and as vast we only have 170 lingerie businesses and the majority of those are the big four.

Can you see how this in unfolding and it doesn’t make sense, we need more lingerie retail stores to open all over the country or the big four need to realise the gap in the market place.

I admit, I may be biased because I cannot shop locally for a bra even though I live in the second largest city in Australia.

Dumb and very annoying.

Don’t me that retail is tough in Australia when you don’t cater for the majority of women!

There are a selected few stores that are doing an amazing job of catering for larger cup sizes and “odd” or “rare” bra cups sizes but these are very few and far between.

Let me give you some numbers…

  • 40% of the Australian population has DD+ Bra Cup Size
  • Around 534,600 women are a DD Cup +, 35% of those are not catered 
for in stores.

Now the very people who need to try on bras the most CAN’T. Seriously what century do we live in?

If just 100,000 of these women bought a bra at $60 that
 equates to an added $6M per year. Now that’s not even taking into consideration of the jobs we could create, the money retailers would make AND how much easier it would for women just to buy a frigging bra.

It’s not rocket science.


Now for all the retailers who are doing an amazing job feel free to give them a plug in the comments. 

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  • For years I’ve been very tempted to create my own bra label. At least then I’d have pretty lingerie that would fit.

    • We need more lingerie, there is a market for it. It is a big undertaking and sadly many people start but stop because of the volume and cost required. But for the right person who has passion, persistence and are dictated… man the world is your oyster.

      • And there lies why it’s a temptation and not a vocation.

        • Well if you do decide to, give me yell 🙂

  • Sue Armstrong

    I’m lucky to have an IM Lingerie store local to me, but again, a lot of women can’t (or won’t) spend $150 on a bra. Since I had implants, my issue is sports bras! Apparently women with an E cup don’t need high support :/ ridiculous…

    • IM have great lingerie, but they don’t make larger cup sizes. There are heaps of sports bras that make an E Cup. I love Moving Comfort sports bras, they is also Freya and Panache, if you live in Melbourne She Science are a speciality sports bra store. They’re awesome!

  • Eleanor Hann

    There is an AMAZING lingerie shop in Moonee Ponds Called Illusions Lingerie (on Puckle Street), not only do they actually do a proper fitting but they have a huge range of larger cup sizes (they go to a J!) AND they dont change the earth (I normally pay no more than $60, but have also got some items for $20).

    • Yes, I have spoken to them before. I haven’t been in there, but I must!

  • sushisnake

    I followed your link to your bra fitting app, then that page’s Google Play store link, and it led nowhere. A shame, since I’m one of the many Australian women that has to drive several hours to visit the nearest lingerie shop. All my town has is a bloody Kmart ( useless for any woman over a D cup who isn’t big all over with big boobs to boot) and a Country Target ( not much stock of anything at all in a Country Target)

    Decent online tools would be such a boon to Australian women like me who are forced to order online, but such tools are rare. So backward are we, the Triumph online store size “calculator” consists of asking you what size you are currently wearing. Tough luck if you are one of the 80% in a too big band and a too small cup, because Triumph are going to flog you yet another bra that doesn’t fit you. And I can’t recall ANY Australian size calculator that measures fractions of a centimetre or doesn’t add 4cms to the band. They’re all +4. One and half inches extra may not sound like a lot of difference in a band size, but when you factor in the smaller cup you’ll be recommended to go with it, you’ll be buying a literal head ache (and back ache).

    I’ve pretty much given up on Australian bras. Basing bra sizes on dress sizes designed around a B or C cup wearing woman was a recipe for disaster right from the beginning.

    I’m taking the time to learn my overseas sizings plus overseas bra manufacturers who don’t feel the need to add 4cm or 4 inches to my band size. I’m also finding overseas online stores much more willing to work with me to try and get the sizing right before I order. Australian stores are slow to reply to my email queries, if they reply at all.

    Note to Australian retailers: there are reasons you are finding it hard to compete.

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