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12 December 16

The WHY & Realisations Behind The Lingerie Photo-Shoot

I have always been a goal setter, fiercely competitive and when it comes to personal development, I am like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store.

The liberation and fulfilment from the victory was electric. It was also short lived so I was left longing for the next rush. This addiction puts  all of my eggs in tomorrow…. Waiting for the next fix. Always outside of myself and longing for tomorrow.

As Christmas started to approach I was like a mad woman trying to cross things off my long list of goals before the end of the year.

My happiness was always in tomorrow, the next buzz, the next gig, the next client, the next opportunity, the next goal and one day I realised that it left me empty…. Now. Today.

Even after I had read so many books on “the power of now, “the present” and everything in between.

This year I dropped everything, one day I woke up and the universe pressed the reset button and forgot to tell me.  I realised so much about myself, and as open as I have always been this was a news flash for me.

As I dropped everything to see what would rise, I first had to face a lot of demons, a lots truths and things that I had been suppressing for a really long time.

Me getting naked was never about wanting people to see me naked, the attention and compliments that followed, it was about me owning my shit. It’s really amazing that when we have the courage to strip down to nothing, it’s amazing how free you feel and I soon realised that I was my own worst enemy.


I wanted to be the beginning of a new ripple effect, what followed was spectacular.


  • I had less expectations of myself, I realised that these unwanted and unnecessary expectations are so frigging crippling.
  • I had to learn how to do nothing and be OK with it, stillness beyond meditation and listening to my body is really important to sustaining the life I want to live and my happiness.
  • My business can NOT be my outlet, there has be more. More than people needing me and me needing them. Something just for me.
  • I realised I forgot how to have fun.
  • Just how much brain space was being taken up with thinking about food, what I should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • The guilt and shame that comes with it.
  • The silence that came with me no longer expressing how I really felt about myself.
  • The effect that has on my partner, it sets up the expectation that he has to make me whole, when that’s totally up to me.

You think that it doesn’t have an effect on your happiness when you aren’t happy with how you look, but it does. It stores in your body and how that plays out will be unique for all of us.

We need to get real.

For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I love my body and I am the heaviest I have ever been.  I am not saying that I am happy because I am, I am saying that I can look in the mirror and love what I see without judgment and that makes me feel amazing.

I am the healthiest I have ever been, I move my body, I take care of my soul,  I nourish my body with good food and that’s all that matters.

I am in charge of the gaze that I show the world. Me!

I am in charge and I decide how I show up. 


This lingerie photo shoot was about my seeing my soul, about looking at the woman in front of me and owning that it’s me and I am amazing.

We see what we choose to see and that can change in an instant with a desire to do so.

Gift yourself this experience and be the ripple effect in your life.

A Photographic Confidence Building experience with Urban Life Photography in Melbourne, including...

· Pre styling consultation over the phone or at the studio
· Hair and makeup – for one female
· 3 outfit changes
· Studio photo-shoot
· Total photographic experience 3 and half hours
· A 8x10” image of your choice

For only $45.00


• This offer is valid during weekdays and Saturday’s.
• Not valid on Sundays and public holidays, a $50 refundable deposit is required when making your booking.




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