9 May 11


The Eye Catcher made by Target

Designed using innovative technology, this super bra provides women the biggest lift on
any bra on the Australian market – boosting bust size by two cup sizes. The boost is largely
thanks to the unique three-tiered padded cups that help lift, support and position the bust
to create great cleavage.
Crafted from a soft microfiber and complete with comfort straps, the mega-lift is
accompanied by extreme comfort. The front of the bra is designed to sit flat to allow a
plunge neckline.

Available in cup sizes A to D, in all Target stores Australia wide.
Cost- $35.00

Lift- 10/10

Separation- 10/10

Quality- 5/10

Shape- 9/10

Material- 6/10

Appearance- 8/10

Over All- 5/10

Bra Queen’s Comments: This Plunge Bra does give you a great cleavage and when they say 2 cup sizes I would have to agree, it gives a lovely cleavage and a great shape for any girl who doesn't usually have cleavage. Being the super perfectionist that I am I would say the cups need to be about half a centimetre further apart because if you have wide set breasts the underwires may dig in under your arms. The padding is extremely unique and I was super eager to see it on, as innovative as this Eye Catcher Plunge Bra is my models said it wasn't that comfortable to wear for a long period of time because the padding is too firm. To get a thumbs up from me it would have to be comfortable enough to wear everyday so I would like to see Target continue to work on this bra and try a softer padding. In saying that some women would do anything increase their cup size by 2 πŸ™‚

As an over all for the price it is pretty good.

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates. Nor is Bra Queen an affiliate of any bras she reviews.

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  • I am going to Target to try one on… I am a B-C so going up two bra sizes would be ah-mazing!!!

    • braqueen

      Good work Samantha! Let us know how you go πŸ™‚


  • Ashlee

    I am only an a cup so going up 2 sizes would be great. Definitely going to buy one. πŸ™‚ It sounds great

    • braqueen

      Hi Ashlee,

      There is also the BOMBSHELL by Kayser Lingerie that add 2 Cup Sizes as well. Rx

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