23 October 14

Push Up Bras

There is no shortage of push up bras on the market and sometimes it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

If you want to create some added cleavage to your bust there are heaps of options for you. All inserts sit at the base of the bra cup and your breast sits on top, they can feel heavier to wear at first but you will get used to it.

Gel Push Up Bras

The gel push up bras mold to your natural breast shape and give you a great cleavage. When I am in the fitting room I do tend to opt for this bra, if they have one.

My all time favourite gel push up is Ultimo’s

Ultimo gel push up bra

Cream Push Up bras

Personally I find that women will either love or hate cream, the cream is firmer than the gel but it does tend to give you extra oomph in the cleavage, depending on the bra of course.

Bra ‘n’ Things have same really nice cream push up bras.

bras n things cream push up bra


Memory Foam Push Up

Fine Lines lingerie has a push up bra that has “memory foam” so it molds to your natural shape and it remembers your shape every time you wear it. Making it bounce back to its original shape after every wash. It is super soft to wear and feels divine on the skin.

fine lines memory foam push up


Foam Push Up Bra

They have foam inserts and depending on the bra and the quality of the foam used will determine if this bra will be comfortable. Good quality foam push up bras will mold to your skin however if they are poor quality it feels like your breasts are sitting on bricks.



Knowing your bra size and bra shape will determine if the push up bra is right you. A lot of women think that “double boob” will give them more cleavage, however you can find a great push up bra that fits properly and gives you great cleavage.

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