25 August 15

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

“She’s going to be a model this one” 

Growing up I was the “pretty” one, the one that was going to be famous. Everyone said it and everyone believed it, even me. It was just expected and for some people it still is.

What they failed to mention is that “famous” isn’t a job and it doesn’t just happen, truth be told it isn’t even the message in my heart. “Pretty” doesn’t get me anywhere I want to go.

For a long time I felt like people judged me for being “pretty” or assumed I was stupid and because I was always happy it was because I was stupid. I spent so much energy trying to prove to others that there was so much more to me until one day I realised…

We determine how people see us and treat us, and it is in direct alignment with how we see ourselves.


beauty outside the box


That was a turning point in my life because I allowed myself to just be me, I see myself as an intelligent, smart and savvy woman who is kind compassionate, giving and humble. That is who I am and who I want and choose to be. I spend more time ensuring I am being that person and being “pretty” on the inside because you can have a canvas that looks good, but unless you’re “pretty” on the inside you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. Once you realise…

You are so much more then you give yourself credit for and when you are “pretty” internally you radiant for miles and looks have nothing to do with it.

Be kind to yourself and don’t sell yourself short, you are worthy of more.

Smart and pretty have many facets!

Everyone wants to feel pretty and I do believe that you can do small things on the outside that make you feel good. That is a stepping stone to give you confidence to tackle the most important issues happening on the inside.

Simply be.


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