6 June 12

The Best Plus Size Sports Bra

The 3rd Sports Bra Company on our top 3 list is Moving Comfort, now I have to say that this was a trial for Larger Cup Sports Bras and Moving Comfort only go up to an E Cup. However they were included in this trial because they are one of the very few companies who make plus size sports bras. Many women who are larger around the back do not have larger cups and they are not catered for. Moving Comfort go up to an Australian Size 24 when most stop at 18.

We have always been a big fan of the Moving Comfort Sports Bras and they have rated high in near all of our lists. We took there new Sports Bra Jubralee for a road test to see how it fared with it’s sister bras.

First thoughts, love the green and it is extremely light weight and I tried the matching sports briefs for good measure.

Exercise & Bounce Factor

We did a variety of exercises including running, walking, jogging and even Zumba. There was near no bounce at all during the workouts, it was only when we reached speeds of 10kmph on treadmill that we experienced some bounce.

Bra Comfort

The one thing I do love about Moving Comfort Sports bras are they so comfortable to wear, the absorb sweat really well which makes you more comfortable during exercise.

Bra Review Moving Comfort Jubralee

Cost- $94.95

Lift- 10/10

Separation- 5/10 (it’s a crop top therefore it compresses the breasts)

Quality- 9/10

Shape- 8/10

Material- 10/10

Appearance- 10/10

Over All-  8.6 /10

Overall Comments- This light weight sports bras is so comfortable to wear, it absorbs sweat really well. It’s quick and easy to wash and dry, I wouldn't say it’s better then its sister sports bras Juno, Maia and Fiona however it is definitely as good as!

The BEST surprise was the briefs! They are so comfortable to wear, the don’t ride up during exercise and the are seam free. I really really liked the Moving Comfort sports briefs.


Next up is Elomi Lingerie Energise Sports Bra

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates. Nor is Bra Queen an affiliate of any bras she reviews.





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