6 July 15

Plus size bras for women with narrow shoulders

Community question

As you know it can be tough to find a bra, but for the women who have specific needs it is seriously crazy and incredibly hard to find a bra.

One of our gorgeous readers emailed us because she has very specific bra needs that are the opposite of how bras are made.

She is a size 20 (AU) and around a D Cup, which wouldn’t be to bad for her if that was it, but she also has extremely narrow shoulders and needs the bra straps close together. She said "My shoulders are close together and slope downwards". Usually the bigger the bra the wider the straps, so you can imagine how this goes down for her!

Here are some suggestions we found for her.

Moving Comfort Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Jubralee black sports bra 2



 berlei sports bra plus size narrow shoulders


Elomi Etta Petite Bra 



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